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Starting IF this week

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  • Starting IF this week

    Anyone have any helpful tips for IF-ing? I want to ramp up my weight loss, have gotten into a good state of Ketosis, and am starting off with skipping breakfast. I have done fasts before, up to 1 week, but was vegetarian at the time and not primal.

    I eat an early dinner, because I do not like eating at night, just not very hungry that time of day. So my first fast will be from 5pm tonight, through lunch tomorrow. , then again wed, and would like to pull a 24 hour by weeks end. Have an event coming up and am so close to the next size down pair of pants.

    Any suggestions on best time to do a strength workout during IF? I've read a few posts on doing one at the end to really get stored fat mobilized.

    Thanks for the help