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Periods and Stress?

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  • Periods and Stress?

    Just thought I'd get some input from some of my fellow primal women around here!

    I've had bouts of irregular/non-existent periods off and on for the past four or five years. I went to the doctor about it a few years ago and got tested for everything under the sun (hormone levels, celiacs, MRI...) and all was normal, so the doc put it down to stress (she's a specialist in adolescent medicine and really seems to know what she's doing so I don't think she missed anything!). This does make sense to me since I started having issues shortly after starting college which was VERY stressful me and the only time I've gotten regular since then was when I was in a nice stress reducing long term relationship.

    But of course I broke up with that boyfriend in September, just in time for my senior year and some major stress and so I haven't had a period since September. I was hoping it would come back now that I've been been more relaxed (academic stress finished at the end of May, relaxed with friends for most of June and I've been chilling at home with family for all of July) but the periods have yet to appear!

    I am trying to be patient and just let my body figure itself out but it's a little frustrating since I feel like there might be some factor I'm overlooking?

    I've been primal since February, weight has been fairly constant, staying between 140 and 145 (at 5' 5"), BF% between 22 and 24 depending on who's measuring, I've never had any eating disorders or even been on a calorie restricted diet. Diet before primal had plenty of sugar and carbs, but otherwise was a fairly healthy "whole foods" type diet. I exercise regularly (sprints 2x week, Simple Fit 3x week) but by no means over train, I've always gotten plenty of sleep, even when stressed.

    I feel healthy and fantastic and wonderful but this whole lack of periods thing just keeps niggling away at me in the back of my mind! Plenty of people are perfectly regular eating absolute crap and not taking care of themselves, whereas I'm trying to do everything right! Anyone else ever been in a similar situation? Any ideas of something I could be missing?