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  • Assorted reassurance

    Okay guys, I know everything is okay, really. And this sounds lame and whiney. But I just need some outside voices to combat the bad inside voices for a moment.

    See, I finally started 'lifting heavy things' last week. I got an 8-lb sledgehammer, and I've been doing the moves in the shovelglove 101. I'm going for 3 days a week - later today will only be my 6th session and I've already noticed huge gains in how many reps of each move I can do.

    Except this week I've noticed gains on the scale too! I know it's probably muscle on my puny arms, currently hidden by all the fat, but after almost two months of watching the scale dip lower and lower every day on primal, it's freaking me out a little. I had gotten down to 244.2 lbs. And today I'm up to 247.4.

    I am pretty sure it's muscle though, because someone had posted here recently a link to the YMCA body fat percentage calculator, and before this gain, it said I was 32% bf and 167 lbs of lean mass. And today's measurements say I'm 31% bf (ZOMG in the' acceptable' range which is ridiculous because I am quite clearly still very very fat) and 170 lbs of lean mass. Which pretty much covers a 3 lb gain on the scale quite neatly. And my waist measurement at my navel was .5 inches smaller.

    So I KNOW its okay, but the little voices formed by a lifetime of being 'the fat girl' don't believe me. Help?

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    just muscle. shhh, quiet lil' voices. be calm;-)
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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      Lifting heavy things, more muscle use, more muscle tear which causes water retention. I know its easier said than done when focusing on what the scales say...( I know I am there too), but focus on how you feel, how strong you are becoming and how wonderful you are that you are doing this!

      I am seriously considering putting my scales away. I can't get an accurate reading anyway cause my 13month old boy jumps on me and the scales. But when I am feeling good and my stomach is down from bloating, the scales can derail me because of the number. In a way its very sad that those of us trying to get fit and lose weight are tied to the scale. But in a way the scale does have some truth too..But I still think get rid of it and go by how you feel and how your body feels to you. I think I shall follow my own advice!


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        It's got to be muscle! I mean, logically - you're doing better with the sledgehammer, that couldn't happen if you weren't building muscle... you'd stay the same or get worse (if your muscles were tired from other workouts).

        Muscle is GOOD. Tell the little voices that muscle will help you lose fat faster, look sexier, and fight off any random bad guys

        Plus, as you've noticed, your waist is SMALLER. Focus on that, and how you feel, not the scale.

        (I know, I get crazy over scale numbers too - trying to tone it down - but it's hard!)

        And - btw - good for you, for muscle and strength building!


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          Thanks guys

          I like the scale, but I'm also a super logical semi-OCD computer programmer type, and I like numbers. Seeing the number get lower and lower has been exciting for me, and helps to fuel my motivation. And I'm generally cool with the daily fluctuations, I weigh myself every morning, but pay attention to the trend chart, not the actual daily number. It's just this is the first time since I started primal that a spike has lasted several days,'s not really a spike anymore, you know?

          But it's muscle, and muscle is also doesn't help that 245 is my 'haven't weighed under this for almost 10 years' number, so shifting back above it is frustrating. But at least now shovelglove gives me new numbers to fuss over - how many reps can I do!? Thursday was the first time I actually sorta tried to structure my sets at all, now that I'm more comfortable with the moves and can actually do more than like...4 reps of anything before failure. So it's spreadsheet time!

          I will drown the lil voices in good numbers!


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            If you get some body composition scales, you get more numbers to obsess over... - and on the positive side, I find that there's always something that's getting better. Either weight goes down or body fat % does (rarely both at the same time), so I just ignore whichever one's being recalcitrant.

            Also, getting off the scales and giving them a good, hard, intimidating glare before getting back on again typically works wonders.


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              Tell the bad inside voices that if they don't STFU you'll take that sledgehammer, and break their kneecaps.


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                cowpeter, some people (like me) will see a small spike the day after weight lifting. I think it has to do with glycogen replenishment or some such. I usually have my lowest weight after a full rest day. Anyway, congratulations on the strength training. I've thought about adding shovel glove. Since you like to track things, I recommend tracking fitness progress, like # of reps, or minutes, because I think you'll be pleased with your progress. Also keep in mind, many CW diets would have people lose a lot of pounds first and then add strength training. Inevitably this led to loss of muscle mass and then lower metabolic rates, or the classic yo-yo problem where weight comes on easier each successive time. By adding the strength training, you are avoiding that treacherous pathway.