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    I was looking around the site, and couldn't find a thread so thought I'd start one.

    I headed out to San Diego for Comic Con for some work related things. I figured wearing my Vibrams wouldn't be much of a big deal with all that is strange at Comic Con, but all people wanted to do was talk about 'my shoes' or lack there of... One guy went so far as to ask me to feel the bottom, while standing in a line in the bathroom. Talk about bold.

    So while travelling for 7 days, I came across some things that helped me a bit. First off, get a big bag of nuts from a place you trust like whole foods. Keep that in your backpack/bag/briefcase. Next, I'd suggest going to a store and buying about 10 lara bars, or better yet - make your own. Around these parts they are running around $.99 so I loaded up. Make sure to avoid the one larabar that happens to have peanuts in it! I did find some lara bars in the airport in houston, but they were $3.99!

    On the plane, there isn't much you can eat that won't make you want to puke. Stick with water, and intermittently fast for this part (or if you can't handle it - larabars) - try sleeping the whole way if you can. When they bring around beverages always ask for water with 'no ice' so you 1) get more and 2) don't contaminate it with gross ice from who knows where? Don't eat those carrot nubs they hand out (they are washed with chlorine). Inside an airport, well as I mentioned you can get the $3.99 lara bars. I found in Houston some brisket that looked ok, but when I looked at the price I figured screw it - I'll wait until landing.

    Another travel tip - I stayed in a hostel for the week. I am north of 35yrs old but there are many hostels that accept 'anyone' so keep that in mind if you are looking for a place to stay. I had my own room and bathroom - so could do my workouts as I wanted and have privacy (I brought a stretchy band). The added bonus of a hostel was - access to a kitchen and refrigerator for a very cheap price. I promptly went to the market upon arrival - and bought a giant stack of local uncured market bacon, a dozen farmers eggs, an onion celery, some sour cream, local salsa w/o sugar, avocado, sour cream, local blackberries, and a thing of arugula/romaine mixed local salads (I was in california so had access to lots of local produce).

    Every morning I'd make a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, and salad while the hostel dwellers had to pick over their crappy free pancakes or if they were so bold - bowl of cereal. I had many jealous eyes, but it was worth it since I only had one less meal to forage for later in the day if I wanted. And trust me, Comic Con does not include many healthy options for food - its offerings are more for the Mountain Dew/Cheetos crowd.
    While I am 100% primal, sometimes I change gears to Paleo.
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