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2010 Sexiest Beach Bodies

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  • 2010 Sexiest Beach Bodies

    Some nomminess. Some, not so much. Opinions?
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    Best one by far, Jessica Biel!
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      Jessica Biel for sho'.

      Kelly Slater

      Daniel Craig! *faints*

      Hugh Jackman (but actually not as wolverine...then he's too big)
      "For Wolverine, I ramp it up,Ē he says. "I do an hour and a half a day in the gym and eat a thousand calories more a day than I would normally. And I train really hard. I crank up the Godsmack and Metallica. I yell and scream, which helps me get into the character and have a bitch of a workout." "

      Paul Walker
      "a typical Paul Walker day, which involves spending maximum time getting serious exercise outdoors......"My motto is, you have to get in a sport a day," says Walker. "Playing a little basketball, volleyball, going out surfing, skating, whatever it is. It's the best way to live." As for diet, "My mom was always really healthy and cautious about her diet, so I'm not a big sugar guy. But other than that, I just eat lean.""

      Bradley Cooper

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        Some of those women look pretty soft and scrawny to me. Yeah, Jessica Biel is great.

        Jason Statham for sure! I actually have a newspaper clip of him that I carry around in my gym bag. *swoon*


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          jessica biel and pink, definitely! a lot of the other women look like i could snap them in half just by looking at em.

          props to courteney cox, too, because she's looking pretty slammin' at 46.

          as soon as i started clicking on the guys, i thought, 'i bet mario lopez is in there'. he is my fave. and zac efron!

          and i really just gotta lol at the endless hours of cardio all these people seem to be doing.

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            Jessica Beil... best legs... the rest look skinny fat to me... (but yeah, at 46 and such, looking nice)

            Jason... Yum, yum, yummy... and Hugh...Ohm and Matthew (did you see him in that dragon movie years ago? OH YEAH!) my faves... look like MEN... not boys. The others, nice bodies, feels like jail bait.


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              Jessica Biel is the only woman that I was like, wowza! She looks strong! But, being snippy, her shoulder width has man proportions, no?
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                Originally posted by say_rahhh View Post
                Jessica Biel is the only woman that I was like, wowza! She looks strong! But, being snippy, her shoulder width has man proportions, no?
                I wasn't crazy about Jessica Beil, her shoulders are manish. I actually thought Hayden Panatierre looked strong and lean, and of course Gwen Stefani is always rocking a super strong body. The super skinny-minnies were not looking great, like the very first girl, Ashley Wentz, Whitney Port...not eating to be skinny does not look good.

                As far as the guys go, they had a good mix of super ripped and mostly normal I thought. Jake Gyllenhall is looking awesome these days, that was actually not a great picture of him! Paul Walker is beautiful, but it's too bad he's a terrible of those pretty faces that should just stay quiet
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                  I would say Hugh Jackman for the men has the best bod of all the dudes there. He's burly and cut all at the same time.
                  I grok, therefore I am.


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                    Meh. I prefer Adrennalynn. (And I'm not a big tattoo fan.)

                    ...I actually kind of like Katy Perry, she's such a trollop, but that was a dog shit terrible picture of her.

                    Most of the girls looked okay, but I see better walking around times square every day.

                    As for the guys.... well, they all look like guys to me. Nothing really outstanding. Yeah I'd pretty much aspire to look like any of them, since I currently am about the same size, and shape as Jack Black, but none of them struck me as "impressive".
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                      Pink to me had the best body (and I've never found her attractive). All of the women are pretty hot, but there are very few whose bodies are that impressive.

                      I would be happy with any of those guys' bodies but none of them seem that far fetched for me to attain with PB. I also like that none of them look like they're jacked on 'roids. I like how toned is more of the "in" thing rather than big burly muslces.


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                        Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!


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                          I think they all look good, I would be thrilled to have a body close to that. (wait, I almost do !!!) As for the guys, I wouldn't kick any of them out bed. Did you notice that Taylor Lautner was the only one fully clothed? Wet, but fully clothed. Weird. Its not like we haven't seen him half naked for the past 2 years and all. Amirite?
                          Too bad they didn't add his wolf pack co-stars in there. Some of those guys have amazing bodies(I'm not really a twilight fan, I just look like one right now >.>)
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                            Men... Hugh Jackman, Mathew Mconowhatever you spell it
                            Women... maybe Pink, Gisele BŁndchen and Gwen Steffani. Also Jessica Biel
                            Fergie looks fat... Same for Katie Perry ... those are 35% + fat bodies... excellent lionfood

                            There are bodies in the list I cant believe are there. Maybe the list is a compilation made by morbidly obese editors that anything that looks close to decent is "The Best"

                            I bet on this forum are way better bodies than on the list...


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                              Originally posted by MichaelA View Post
                              Fergie looks fat... Same for Katie Perry ... those are 35% + fat bodies... excellent lionfood :
                              You're smoking crack 35% body fat was nowhere represented. not even close.

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