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how do you measure carbohydrate grams for fruit and vegetables?

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  • how do you measure carbohydrate grams for fruit and vegetables?

    Apologies again if this is covered elsewhere on MDA -but how do you actually measure the grams of fruit and vegetables ? It doesn't seem to be a straightforward measuring of the weight of the food itself - Primal Blueprint - page 89 states that ' a huge salad, two cups of Brussels sprouts, a banana, an apple, a cup of bluberries and a cup of cherries totals only 139 grams of carbs' .

    is there a simple equation for calculating number of grams? Maybe I've missed it on the first read-through - Im about 3/4 of the way through this excellent and inspiring book - but there's a lot to take in and I'm sure that I will start again once I get to the end...

    thanks in advance for any positive feedback....

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    Try to look up or even track if you are so inclined....


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      There are lots of small paperback carb counter guides or many online. (Unlike most people, it seems, I always found the print ones easier as I could keep them in my kitchen or dining area.) The number you come up with will depend a lot on whether you are figuring the carb grams with the fiber subtracted already (what a lot of people do who limit carbs do, but not Mark) or not -- just something to be aware of.


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        I usually use this list:


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          As mentioned, use . Fruit there can be counted as ounces of size of fruit, typically. They also have "mixed greens" to which you should add tomatoes and other things. It's all a crap shoot anyway, an approximation is as good as it gets. Fruit carbs (sugars) will vary with degree of ripeness.

          I've been measuring a recording my food for most of the last 15 months. If your goal is weight loss, it's a "must" except for a few individuals who seem to be capable of not doing it.


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            many thanks to hilltowner, PrairieProf, Marisa, and OnTheBayou for your suggestions - a big help and much appreciated!