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Tanning/Sun burn

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  • Tanning/Sun burn

    Does anyone put anything on before they go out in the sun? What do people use for sunburn? Does coconut oil work?

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    Last year I put coconut oil on. It worked great for tanning. No burn either. This year, I've been low on coconut oil but still got a great tan.
    Cillikat suggested raw honey awhile ago, so if we have to deal with a burn this year I'll try that.
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      I use graduated exposure to prevent burning. If I'm going to be out longer than my skin is prepared for (which happens a lot), I put more clothes on.
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        We use zinc oxide. We order it from the CVS pharmacist. I don't really know if it's considered primal or not though. I think the most primal thing would be to wear clothes that would protect you from the sun.
        For sun burns, you can use the zinc oxide again (after all it is just diaper rash creme), coconut oil or I use my breast milk since it's available.


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          Aloe vera is great for sunburns and belive it or not.......shaving cream(I know), but if you burn badly and put the shaving cream on,the burn will be almost completly gone in 24 hours!


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            I usually make sure I'm not in the sun for longer then my skin can take.

            As for sunburns, I havent had 1 since going primal (love this way love love)..but I agree with everyone else - aloe, raw honey, or milk works really well.

            Shaving cream? hmmm...never heard that! Just any old shaving cream? good for future reference!
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              So it is safe to get coconut oiled up and sit out in the sun? I know CW is against this and says it causes skin cancer, but I remember watching one of those survivor shows, I think it was Bear Grylls, where the guy is on a south Pacific island and the first thing he does is put coconut oil on his face to protect it from the sun.


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                Either more clothes - or if I'm in a situation that warrents it - sunscreen. Not primal, I know, but sure beats a bad burn.

                For the times where I do get burned (not so much these days) - vinegar will help take the 'burn' out. You do smell like a pickle, though.
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