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  • How do you combat the

    "I'm full but want to eat more for no reason at all" feeling?

    I'm on day 4, so total noob. I'm full, I had smoked mackerel, cucumber, raw carrot and a boiled egg for lunch. I don't need anything. I'm not hungry. I just want to eat.

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    "go for a walk" is my answer for any "how do you avoid X?" question.

    Then, if im still hungry i eat.


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      Just been, I have a dog. That was the first thing that popped into my head. I'm not hungry though. That's the problem.

      Does it maybe have to do with the fact that I was a grazer?


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        Originally posted by Gwenhyffar View Post
        Does it maybe have to do with the fact that I was a grazer?
        maybe, probably also cause primal food is so damn tasty.

        My other strategy is to over do it. ie if i craved icecream, i would eat half of the container so i would get sick and associate that feeling with eating too much icecream.

        Eating till your uncomfortably stuffed every once and a while wont hurt in the long run and it might help you better understand your cravings


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          Could be you're used to dealing with boredom by eating. It's a fairly common problem (see also: stress eating). It's one of the things you have to heal from to PB successfully (so you can just listen to your body and trust it). It's very good that you recognize the difference between actual hunger and "I want to eat."

          Hobbies keep me from boredom eating. If I'm playing a videogame I can have a bowl of snacks sitting next to me and I won't touch them. If I'm cartooning then I want to make sure I don't get food residue or spills on my paper so I won't eat.

          At work I drink tea. It covers the "I want to ingest something" urge and the "I have to get away from my desk" urge.


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            I had one of these moments last night. Went to the store to get some more food, but by the time I was ready to pay, the desire to eat had gone away.

            I'd say distract yourself for about half an hour and check back to see if you're still wanting to eat. If you still do, then go ahead and snack on something high in fat or protein.
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              I second the suggestion to move on to something physical. Often, my body needs distraction (ie gardening, walking, working out) rather than just my mind (ie work, computer, reading)

              I also take stimulant meds for ADHD (inattentive type) and that helps tremendously. Many times when I'm feeling snacky, I haven't taken my meds.....the snacky thing is what I might notice first but it's a good indicator that I'm probably not attending to the 'right' activity in other areas as well.

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                16 weeks in, & I still get them. but only when bored. get as far away from the kitchen as you can. I now go upstairs & read instead of watching tv. I wont go down stairs for food.
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                  Boredom is a distinct possibility. I'm jobhunting, so I fill my time with the dog (who unfortunately does not like to play outside - he was an abused rescue with some weird quirks) so it's just walks, blogging and housework (which I'm genetically unsuited for ).

                  Hmmmm, would cucumber be ok or is it better to just ride out these "want to eat" moments until they go away altogether?