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Those canny old Taoists

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  • Those canny old Taoists

    I've lost my sources, but I remember reading that many ancient Taoists warned against eating grains. Since they were longevity adepts they must have had their rationale. Was it the same as ours? Many modern books on the Taoist/Chinese Medicine diet focus on the 5 elements and include grains. If anybody can point to sources I can read about those old guys, I'd be grateful. (I'm a long-time tai-chi student).

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    Check this out.

    FTA: "While present-day Taoist diets call for eating lots of grains, ancient diets called for the eating of no grains at all. This was because early Taoists believed the rotting of the grains in the intestines attracted demonic creatures known as the 'three worms.' These demons loved eating decaying matter in the intestines in the hope that they could kill the person and devour his corpse."

    Auto-immune diseases anyone?

    Also, I found it interesting that every 10-15 days they have "festivals" where they often overeat. Leptin refeed?

    Many of them also practice daily fasts. IF?

    The only problem I see is the avoidance of meat.

    Haha, VERY interesting stuff, though!
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      I should have known that I had three worm shaped demons in my gut.
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        they could kill the person and devour his corpse
        Yep that's pretty accurate

        If you want info about why exactly grains are bad the paleo diet site has a good deal of free info. Although for the more recent stuff people have to pay.
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          The Tao that prescribes diets is not the true Tao.
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              like it primal child
              i was started reading the tao of health, sex, and longevity (one of mark's sources in PB). i like it a lot, not finished yet though.
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