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Colder or more adapted to outside weather?

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  • Colder or more adapted to outside weather?

    It's been hot here in St. Louis, like mid-90s, but I find that I don't even really break much of a sweat walking from the office a couple of blocks to get lunch. In fact it feels really nice compared to the over-ACed building I work in. Yesterday I got so fed up with the AC winter-blast that I brought a fleece in to work and wore it all day. I didn't even realize that I was wearing it until I got home (although it had cooled down a lot because of a rainstorm).

    I have been trying to get used to the heat more than the average person (windows down in the car, walking to lunch, etc), but is this a normal development from going off the grains? I can barely tolerate AC anymore and I don't know if that is because people are abusing it (usually) or what.

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    I feel like I can handle the heat better too.


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      I'm not sure if its because you went off grains, but maybe your getting better at listening to your body, so you notice it bothering you more. At one of the computer labs I use at my college, they really have the AC cranked, I think to keep the networking hardware cool for better operation or something, but sometimes I just need a coat on in there and its not very comfortable.


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        Actually, this is something I've noticed too. Other years, if my workshop got over about 70 / 75 F I'd need a fan on, or switch on air con. This year - I'm actually feeling chill if it is under around 65. I dread winter coming on - I think I've got so I can cope really well with heat - but feel cold more! Walking in full sun - even quite quickly and in the heat, I don't so much as perspire, let alone break a sweat...