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  • Buh Bye Grains

    Tomorrow I'm getting my order of 35-40 pounds of grass fed beef, so I decided it was finally time to clean out the freezer and the cabinets. I have been eating PB style for a month now, but I had left all of my food alone as kind of a test of my resolve. In that month, I have not touched a grain at home.

    So BUH BYE ALL GRAINS. I'm no longer a CW brain washed fool.

    Freezer: whole protein bread, individual chiabatta loaves, frozen brown rice, organice burritos made with masa or tortillas, veggie sausage, veggie burgers, and ice cream.

    Cabinets: white rice, brown rice, wild rice, pasta, whole grain pasta, lentils (red and green), chickpeas, popcorn, high fiber canned soup, canned beans (3 kinds), cereal (3 kinds), and crackers (2 kinds).

    Look at that load of killer food that I thought was keeping me healthy. Good riddance!
    Food should be fun--Thomas Keller

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    Are you, perhaps picking it up from the Malto Farmers Market?

    I am also picking up 35-40 lbs of grassfed Las Vegas...tomorrow.


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      I like!

      It took me a month of being grain free before I cleaned out my pantry and fridge. And, oh, man I had some quality sh*t in there! Coworkers loved me!

      Maybe see you tomorrow? I'll be there about 12:30....
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        There are MORE of you!!?!?!?! What in the world...have I been living under a rock? Me thinks maybe.

        I am struggling with letting go of the carbs...the more I tell myself they are poison, the more I WANT them. I am broken. I am not wasting my money on quality meat would be silly to half ass at this point. Its tough when you have 3 picky ones to feed and a husband that loves his carbs :\


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          I love it! Congratulations!
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            I gave mine to the food bank. Grains: at least they're better than starvation.
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              I have boxes of grains in our pantry to take to the food bank....
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                Oh, and bulgar wheat, whole wheat cous cous, and pearled barley. Bye to you too.

                Bukawww, I know there is me and say_rahhh here in Sin City. It is an interesting lifestyle to implement living in the land with no farms or local produce. Being single, I can make my house a grain-free zone. With family it has to be a bit of a struggle. I wish you the best.

                Say_rahh, I'll try to get there around the same time tomorrow. I look just like my avatar.

                On Saturday, I'm delivering food to homebound seniors. I'm hoping the director will let me plump up some of the baskets. If they won't take the open items, the HIV food bank probably will. Any food is better than no food, but I'm glad I have the resources to leave the grains behind.
                Food should be fun--Thomas Keller


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                  You've inspired me, I will do this too!


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                    I love it. I've slowly been using up or throwing out grain, especially wheat products. I now have a grain free freezer/fridge and pantry and I've managed to get whats left onto only one shelf in my cupboards and we have a bread box because of my husband but ohwell.


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                      Cleaned my cupboards out earlier in the year! I gave tons of pasta and rice to friends - the ones who absolutely won't start on the paleo idea themselves! Still got some dried lentils, beans and chickpeas - in case I decide to add some at some point. Doubt if I will though.