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Tired of being tired.....what some ENERGY

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  • Tired of being tired.....what some ENERGY

    Needs some tips, ideas....sups, vitamins....???

    Draggin' in the afternoon, big time - been primal 2 weeks...eating lots of protein/fat, not eating many carbs at all (veggies/some fruit), is that why...body not used to it....

    Cut out all chronic cardio, now walking, hiking...2 days in the gym for quick 30 min power strength training session...

    What am I missing? How do you all have energy come mid-day....later afternoon?


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    It definitely took me over 2 weeks to get over the hump. I felt very sluggish for probably about 3 weeks. I also had to ditch caffeine, which helped tremendously. Primal eating made me much more sensitive it it's effects.
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      My afternoon slump is due to thyroid problems and past nutritional deficiencies, so those may be things to look into, but it might be just the low carb flu.

      Creamed coconut, coconut oil, and coconut cream all give me almost instant energy that lasts into the evening. I love eating creamed coconut once it's hardened into a solid bar after refrigeration. I slice chunks off it with a sharp knife and crunch down on it like I would on nuts. Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which our bodies process quickly like carbs. Plus it increases metabolism. Go crazy and experiment with coconut, I say! Good luck!


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        I almost got on the forum and asked the same question about a month ago. I have been eating primal 90% of the time for the past 6 or 7 weeks. The first couple of weeks I felt great and full of enegy in the mornings but tired and lazy in the afternoons. Im not sure if it just took a few weeks for my body to adjust or what but I am full of energy all day. Im sure this isnt the answer you were looking for but stick with it and hopefully your energy level will even out. Good luck.


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          Dietary potassium can be very helpful more veggies.

          My linked documents below may have information that is helpful.


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            It took me 6 weeks to get my current energy. Whatever you do dont get discouraged. dont quit. The 1st 2-3 weeks suck, than the next 3 for me were much better. However I woke up in the middle of my 6th week by practically jumping out of bed & haven't looked back since. Remember you are basically in rehab & detox from a very strong drug. It is well worth the sacrafice(s)
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              Just eat some more fruit. The mistake I made early on was treating it like a low carb "diet". I changed that to a lifestyle. Problem solved.


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                Awesome...DEF not giving up...i look better in only 2 weeks (i knew my muscles were there!) !! PLUS, my frig is packed with organic, grass-fed....yada yada....I look forward to getting over this hump - thx for the messages, glad this is normal!!

                Best to all