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When a cheat is justifiable....

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  • When a cheat is justifiable....

    This past weekend, I bought a 25-ound box of peaches. Far too many for me so I gave a bag of peaches to my elderly neighbors across the street. Tonight, after a dinner of buffalo roast and carrots with butter, my doorbell rings. It's the lady from across the street with two squares of fresh peach cobbler, with large dollops of whipped cream and fresh raspberries on top.

    You bet I ate the cobbler.

    Luckily, I have a friend rooming with me for the week, so I gave him the large piece of cobbler and I ate the slightly smaller piece.

    I've been PB since early April, this is the 4th time I've had grain since then. Considering that I am 99% compliant, I do not feel a bit of guilt about the cobbler. In fact, it was such a nice feeling of community (not common in Las Vegas, I tell you) that I think the positive mental effects outweigh the very occasional neighborly treat.

    So, do you have an example of not being compliant and it not mattering a bit to you? What was the occasion?
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    I really liked this post. I think it's awesome that you put aside your lifestyle for a moment to enjoy something that someone made for you in thanks. Really, there is so many more important things in life then whether or not you should eat a piece of cake.

    I guess mine would be the same...when someone makes something..don't get me wrong, not just anytime someone brings cookies into work or anything..but when it actually is a special occasion or when someone makes it just for you. You don't get that moment back, but you can always lose that pound back. It's special. Enjoy it.
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      I'd say that's worth it.
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        If someone made me cobbler I would be enjoying it too
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          Especially if it was a cute lil old lady that brought it over.


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            I think that is an excellent reason to cheat! If someone reaches out to you in this town, you gotta feel the love.

            My best friend's 40th birthday is coming up, and we are planning a trip to Napa to celebrate. While I plan on using most of my 20% on the wine tasting, if a gorgeous piece of artisian bread or fabulous dessert appears, I won't say no. She has been living in a new city with no friends for five months. I'm going to do my best to make sure she has a good time.
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              Let them eat cake. :-)

              I would be conflicted with the situation personally... whereas I would want to eat the cobbler and feel it was the socially correct thing to do, I'd be cautious that it would set a bad precedence in which she would be bringing me baked goods as her means of socialization... ... ... ... ...

              then again maybe I over think things... ... hrm...?

              Was it good cobbler?


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                I didn't feel compelled to eat it as a socially-correct thing to do because she dropped it off and left. I ate it because it made me feel warm and fuzzy and, hell, it looked great. And great it did taste!

                Last time she brought over a baked good was July 2009, she brought over a welcome basket the first weekend after I closed on my house. That time it was home-baked banana nut bread. If she'd brought over a loaf this time, I would have abstained and taken it into work. But fresh cobbler with whipped cream? Well that just won't keep! The sacrifices I make!

                And, MJ- have fun in Napa!!
                Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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                  If it doesn't make you feel immediately sick then it's all good. In the long run it won't make too much difference, unless one is particularly sensitive to gluten in which cause it should be restriction for life, no exceptions. if you are that sensitive it will be immediately apparent. I had some chickpeas a month ago and it wasn't that bad; a little grumbly but nothing severe like it would be with wheat.

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                    Originally posted by Stabby View Post

                    Fuck wheat. srsly

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                        I'm so used to being on a "diet" that I don't consider eating other foods "cheating" anymore. I have tried to change my mindset into "foods that are good for me, and not so good for me". I react when I eat wheat products. We had donairs and ice cream on friday and I suffered with diarreah until Sunday for that little indulgement. I don't regret it one bit. The physical reactions make me remember why I tend to avoid those products.

                        I've stopped beating myself up over stuff like that. I tend to be a bit of an extremist in the things that I do, I go full bear 100% into something until I burn out. With this way of eating, I eased into it, and I refuse to beat myself up because I had a few bites of cake or a lick of an ice cream cone. If I DID, there would be a point where I'd say "f-it" and lapse back into bad patterns.

                        What I DO try to do, is when I do indulge, I ask myself if I truly LIKE what I'm eating? About a month ago, we decided to have a treat night and we got the makings for nachos (I was craving them big time). I was sitting there, eating them when I realized that they were actually pretty gross and why the hell was I still eating them? I can honestly say, that it was the first time that I turfed out a plate of nachos and let the husband finish the rest of the bag.
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                          I agree with you, elorajade. I wanted to use a different word than 'cheat' because it really doesn't reflect my mindset. I prefer to say "way of eating" versus diet, but we don't have an appropriate word/phrase for cheat. I definitely view food as good for me, less good for me or not good for me. The peach cobbler was the first 'not good for me' food that I've eaten since Memorial Day, and that's due to the wheat and likely the vegetable oil.

                          I consciously considered the cobbler, and I then decided to eat it. I ate it slowly and I did enjoy it.
                          Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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                            I'm glad you ate it and enjoyed it.


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                              I was on a cruise recently, and our waiter was 'concerned' because I never ordered dessert. One night when I skpped dinner (wasn't hungry), he asked my niece what I'd really 'like' for dessert. Instead of explaining that I don't eat sugar, she told him that I truly love rocky road ice cream (which I do, but never eat any more).

                              The next night, the waiter (unasked) brought me a bowl of rocky road (which I later learned he'd had to specially request and go to a distant kitchen on the ship to get for me). I ate it--and didn't regret it at all because he was trying to be thoughtful. And I suffered no ill effects from this minor indulgence.