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    Iím about to lose my job and Iím having trouble thinking about what to do/where to go?

    This job was a sit down desk job (8 hours) staring at a computer screen and it was/is depressing.
    Never had to sit down at a desk before, didnít like it. The pay wasnít even that great.

    Iíve got a Bachelorís degree in business management but very little experience outside of restuarant/bartending and this customer service desk job.

    Iíd love to do something Primal/health related. Iím considering applying to a corporate wellness company but it looks like they only hire nutrition/kineseology majors. I could go back to school and get a nutrition degree, but even then, it doesnít look like they make much money, and iím sure the course work is full of CW bull****. (although itíd be hilarious to argue with the profs and prove them wrong).

    Iíve thought about going to get my Masters in business, but with no experience and this job market, things are looking rough for those grads too.

    Iím trying to get involved in my local farmers market. But i donít see much opportunity outside of volunteer work.

    Sorry that was so long-winded...iím just very frustrated at the moment.
    Any comments/suggestions/advice/stories would be appreciated!
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    I see articles on Yahoo about fields where there is always a demand for trained workers. Many in medical technology. I'm retired so I don't look too closely. Maybe google "in demand careers" or something. Good luck.


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      Hi Mike,

      Yeah - it's rough trying to figure out what you want to do.

      You mentioned that you were working in a job in front of a computer and what your degree is in, but what skills do you have? And, what other interests, besides primal nutrition?

      I'd guess that with your degree, even without experience, you could find some sort of entry level business-y job (at least, if the economy were better - not so sure these days) - you know, like a "business analyst" or "requirements engineer"... but if you're bored/unhappy in front of a desk, these would be more of the same.

      Just a wild out-there guess, have you thought about personal training? I think alot of trainers also give nutritional advice, and you'd be moving all day and using your primal knowledge. It could be fun, especially if you develop a niche (primal training outside with lots of fun/play type workouts!)

      Whatever you end up doing, I think you sort of have to decide what you WANT, then how to get it, rather than looking at what's available and then picking something. That's been my experience - I've done the "pick from what you see around you" thing, and haven't really found it to be terribly fulfilling so far (more like, BLEH!)

      Hope this makes sense, it's nearly 1 am here, and I'm way overdue for bedtime!

      Good luck...
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        Well, what do you like to do? You sound interested in health. There's tons of two year programs for medically assisting people - x-ray tech, dental assistant and the like. Your next job may not be your ideal job, but hopefully it will at least take you closer to what you want to do.


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          what do business management grads usually do? It seems odd to me that someone with what sounds like a work-oriented degree should have no direction! I don't mean that unkindly, just, did you not get any career guidance at college? What are you qualified to do?
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            Tangentially related, I'm trying to volunteer with a local charcuterie. Who knows, it might lead to something more.

            In general, I think everyone would be much better of if they followed their passions. What is it you really love to do?
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              Have you considered working in Parks and Recreation? What about being a ranger?


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                If being a park ranger sounds like something you would want to do, here is info on training--only takes 10 weeks (who knew--since I was looking at going to Humbolt for Forestry--bit more then Park Ranger, but cool!)

                Saw you have Hospitality experience, what about following that for a more 'primal' restaurant? Could that direction be something you would be interested in? Some of the Hospitality degrees don't take that long to get 6 months thru 18 months, depending on what you are going for--course, if I could go back and do it all again, I would go to Johnson and Wales for a 4 year culinary degree... but.. that is neither here nor there.
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                  What are your responsibilities away from work? Do you need to surrport a family/children?

                  If your only responsible for yourself then chase your passions 100% for a while and see where that takes you. One of the best things Ive ever done is ditch the 40hr work week and focus more time on myself. Keep it simple.

                  Good luck!