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  • Skin?

    Hi all. Working on starting to eat more paleo/primal. Was interested in knowing what changes people noted with their skin and what they attributed it to? I have oily skin and am tan, the wife is fair and tends towards being dry. Looking at many photos though I have wondered, "Does eating primal make you more tan?" or is this just a result of people being in the sun more. What other positive (or negative) changes have you noted?

    1. Are you oilier or drier skinned?
    2. More even complected/more tan/less red flushed
    3. More/less irritated skin?
    4. Any positive changes in skin?
    5. What caused it?

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    Hi. Obviously by my sn I'm pale but yes, eating Primal lets me actually be in the sun for much longer without burning..I get alittle bit of color (I wouldnt call it a tan just alittle healthy color)...I now hang out in the sun purposely 20-30 minutes a day which is something that I would have never done before because I would be a lobster by now on a CW diet.

    1. I'm oily..I've always been and eating primal really hasnt changed that either way.
    2. I'm pale with a tiny bit of freckles (they show up more in the summer)..again PB hasn't changed that much other then the slight color I can get now that I mentioned above
    3. Less irritated burning, no peeling
    4. less acne...I have my godsent product that I use that helps me acne about 75% but I have noticed that my skin is "glowing" even more since going primal
    5. I'm not positive - I still eat conventional meats at the moment so its probably just that I took all the refined and processed crap out of my diet.
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      Originally posted by doctorp82 View Post
      1. Are you oilier or drier skinned?
      2. More even complected/more tan/less red flushed
      3. More/less irritated skin?
      4. Any positive changes in skin?
      5. What caused it?
      1) more balanced, I used to have a very oily t-zone and rest dry. Now, I don't even moisturize and my face doesn't get tight. I don't use anything on my face at all.
      2)I'm not sure...I'm outside a lot so my face is tanner...
      3)less irritated
      4)no acne when I stay away from wheat. Also blackheads on nose disappeared.
      5)no wheat, no problem
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        1.No real change
        2. Fairly pasty with freckles, I've been a little redder this year, then again, I've also been out in the sun more this year. I think, though, that I should have peeled with at least one earlier burn.
        3. No real difference. Razor burn doesn't seem to happen as often, but I'm also using coconut oil instead of lotion.
        4. No real difference.
        5. Caused what? No real change.
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          my skin has been looking very nice. less oily, not dry at all, balanced tone. i use co on my skin so it could be that along with my super clean diet:-)
          still have freckles, but i luv 'em.
          oh, i also am not as sensitive (burn) to the sun. i don't really 'tan' but i don't look like a lobster anymore either. hope this helps!
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            NOT RED! I'd been told I have "early stage rosacia" and mild acne. Since going primal I've found that no gluten=clear skin.


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              1. Oilier where I before was dry, but not more oily where I was oily before.

              2. Getting a tan is easier, don't burn and my tan is more brown than red this year

              3. Less irritated skin, I had my knuckles cracking with dry skin on my right hand, eczema that bled. Elbows are smooth and have no dry skin.

              4. See #3

              5. When I started eating low carb high fat, and accelerated healing when I started the primal blueprint. I guess it's a compound factor of all - getting enough vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Also the inflammation in my body is probably less with the avoidance of grains and sugar. If I eat wheat the eczema flares up again, but it is gone again after a few days. That alone is reason enough not to eat grain.
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                My skin is less dry in places that were dry and less oily in places that were oily...not sure if that's due to switching to almond oil instead of lotion and/or avoidance of chemically-soaps in favor of more natural soaps or if it's from the diet. Probably a combo of all three.

                I'm still pale as ever. I have had a few occasions to be out all day and I noticed I didn't burn to a crisp like usual...just some redness that faded (back to white LOL)
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                  1. Are you oilier or drier skinned?
                  2. More even complected/more tan/less red flushed
                  3. More/less irritated skin?
                  4. Any positive changes in skin?
                  5. What caused it?
                  1. Very, very oily. Going primal has helped a bit, but my oil production is still higher than most people I know.
                  2. I've always been pretty even complected, but these days I get compliments on my complection.
                  3. about the same...
                  4. My skin is much firmer, and more youthful looking (it's got that healthy glow back that I thought age had chased away). The pores are less noticable and so are the wrinkles. Srsly - it looks ~5 years younger.
                  5. I read a quote from a dermatologist in an article about skin care - he said he can tell the minute someone comes into his office whether they eat sugar or not, and that sugar is responsible for much of the inflamation and water retention that makes skin look duller and bloated. The point he was making is that you can have all the peels and botox in the world, but truly good skin needs attention from the inside as well.


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                    1. Oily. Incredibly oily. The only time I get "dry skin" is when I accidentally spill acetone on my hands in the lab. 4 hours after washing my face it's greasy again. This hasn't changed at all.
                    2. Kinda hard to tell... I have less acne which makes my complexion look more even. I seem to burn less, but I'm not really tanning any better/faster.
                    3. The decrease in acne definitely tells me it's less irritated. My skin is about as far from "sensitive" as you can get, so I've never really noticed it feeling irritated.
                    4. Less acne and less sunburn, that's good enough for me!
                    5. My guess is a) less stress on my body from chronic cardio, b) less inflammation from grains, c) more sun, d) vitamin D supplementation. I'm tempted to give up dairy, since that helps a lot of people as well, but I'm not ready yet. I recently started washing my pillowcases more often (I use them only 2 days before changing) which has helped even more!
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                      dairy seems to keep my skin oily with acne.
                      bye bye dairy!
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                        Better skin, but I've always had ok skin. I have a deeper tan than I have had in years, as a result of trying to get sun, having the summer off, and not burning nearly as badly as I used to. Oh, the pick is pre-primal though. I look pretty different now.
                        I don't use any moisturizers or creams, I try to shave w/just water after showering usually.
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                          Thanks guys, this is a help. I am hoping for smaller pores and less oily skin. I am poking my wife this direction because she has dry skin and is concerned about aging but is an admitted sugar junkie.

                          Kitana, do you know where that article is?


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                            This isn't the exact article, but Dr Perricone is a fairly respeced and well-known dermatologist and he is quite explicit about the effects of sugar on skin (even hidden sugar). As much as I love the less obvious effects of eating primal - I freakkin' love what it does for my skin.


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                              Less clogged pores, less black heads, less full blown pimples. More moist, softer. Less razor rash ... I'm really happy about that!
                              I've always had horrible elbows and even they are soft and smooth.

                              Because you asked, I checked my feet. They're softer too. I was beginning to think I'd have to start having them professionally sand-blasted