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Going out to eat for anniversary--where to eat?

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    Thanks for the input folks. I'm still undecided. We have a really yummy bbq place that I've gotten the ribs at b/4 w/ just the dry rub (which is free of my son's allergens--including corn! but does contain brown sugar) and used my homemade bbq sauce on top. I'm thinking of going to that place, a steakhouse, or this other place that has a big salad w/ steak or chicken that I love. Hubby says it's up to me--he's planning on steak no matter where we go (I know he's primal at heart!)

    Thank you for all of your thoughts/ideas! (And, if I was dying for it, I'd probably do a real cheat if I wasn't still nursing my son who reacts to my milk if I eat gluten or dairy...) I'll totally be going for the wine though!
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