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  • More superstition than Primal...

    Because of a doctor's appointment I have today (kinda worried about the results,) I'm wearing several pieces of jewelry I was given as gifts from family over the years. It kinda gives me a comforting feeling and makes me feel as though they're a little nearer (halfway across the state is a long way in TX.) I have a friend who will wear the same bracelet from her grandmother every time she has a crucial meeting or speech (said grandmother was the one to encourage her to follow this particular, difficult dream.) The question I pose to these boards: do y'all do something similar in cases where you are nervous or worried? Happen to have a charm, piece of jewelry, card, lucky penny, etc. that you carry to a job interview or during hard times? If so, what (feel free not to say what if it's too personal)?
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    I stuff bacon in my underwear and do the Dance of the Avocado Kings.

    This usually gets me through any tense situations.


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      Oh my gosh, I do the same exact thing as you.. wear jewelery given to me as gifts by special people in my life. I've never been superstitious and I'm not big on ceremony/tradition/rituals... but the jewelery comforts me for some reason. You can bet that if I've got a big exam or I'm giving an important talk, I'll be wearing a bracelet my best friend made for me, earrings that used to be my mom's, a ring my husband has given me, etc. =]
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        I have a necklace that I wear everyday, in fact have only taken it off once in 15 years (to have a CAT scan done), and I am comforted by it. I always feel best wearing silver jewlery--makes me feel cool and serene, no matter what is going on, or where I am going. If things are really rough, I wear a heavy (and I mean heavy!) hand tooled solid silver bracelet that my grandmother bought at an open air market when she and my grandfather were in Nigeria back in the late 1920's. She always called it a slave bracelet, but if it was, is or not, I really like the weight of it, and makes me think of her when I wear it, and I have had it so long, worn it so much that it is 'charged' to me and any negitivity that may have been with it, is gone, I am sure.
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          I wear my Thor's Hammer (Nordic mythology). When one needs strength, one just rubs the hammer (Mj°lner) and finds an inner spring of power to overcome or withstand something. It’s a symbol of power within us – this power can be represented by any jewelry, rabbits food etc. I find it kinda beautiful that you find your strength in your relatives.

          Other than that I need a big kiss from my son - he reminds me that I withstood 40 hours of labor, so what ever I'm heading for is nothing.



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            I'm one of those people who never changes my jewelry. I have a few pieces that I wear with purpose.

            One is a ring that my mom had made for me. My mom, 2 sisters, my nephew's wife and myself got matching rings made with herkimer diamonds that we mined ourselves. All us girls have white gold, and mom got yellow gold.

            I wear my pentacle almost all the time. I took it off for several months and finally put it back on. No crisis of faith or anything, I just didn't need it for a while, and I guess I need it again.

            I now wear a small runic charm on a leather cord that JP made for me. He cut the wood, inscribed it, sealed it. It's a way that we stay connected, even when he's far away.

            When I'm nervous or scared, I have certain stones that I carry in my pocket. Being able to touch and hold them makes me feel better.


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              I have two rings that never come off and a 3rd ring I wear when Husband's in Houston. Combined total cost: $80. Combined total worth: infinite. My engagement ring is handcast silver with a heart cut amethyst and celtic lover's knots cut into the silver to either side of the stone bought from a Scottish- Irish fair. My wedding band is tungsten carbide (doesn't tarnish, cannot be scratched by anything but diamond or tungsten carbide, and will snap before it stretches, which is good in the engineering world) for both the practical aspects and the notion that our love can withstand the tests of the environment as well as our rings can. Bought that at the county fair. The 3rd was my original engagement ring: a simple sterling silver 4 band puzzle ring bought at another county fair. One of the bands had a weak spot and broke and got lost. The solution was to spot solder the ring together. It's beat to hell, but I love it.
              I also have a sterling silver box chain that my grandparents got me. It originally had a Latin Cross on it, but I no longer wear the cross. Instead, I use it to wear the pendant of the day.
              For my 21st birthday, my parents gave my a sterling silver and jade bracelet. Jade has always been one of my favorite stones.
              His parents got me a CZ drop pendant for the first Christmas I spent at their house.
              I bought myself a simple charm set for my necklace: 1 is a tiny silver tag bearing the word "courage" on both sides. The other is a simple silver heart, equally as tiny.

              That's what I'm wearing today.
              The running joke is that my husband got off cheap with me: I wear only silver, steel, or tungsten, generally don't like diamonds (they're too cold and have no personality), prefer sodalite, amethyst, jade, and turquoise jewlry, and prefer wildflowers to roses.
              Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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                There is nothing wrong with something that brings comfort and calms you down in stressful situations. When I was deployed I wore a necklace under my armor a fallen friend gave me. I knew it would probably would never do anything but it made me feel more comfortable and thats the important thing. If you feel its necessary than go for it.
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                  I'm sending good thoughts your way about your visit!

                  Whenever I anticipate a stressful day, I wear a special necklace with three things on it:

                  1) a Friday buddha from Thailand, because I was born on Friday
                  2) a lotus
                  3) two chams (well, that makes four things) that have 7 and 8 inscribed on them, which remind me to "Fall down 7 times, stand up 8." So "Seven, eight" is my mantra that tells me to pull up my big girl pants and deal with what needs to be done!
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                    I have a very small (about the diameter of a penny) pewter hedgehog that I picked up at a Renn Faire. I always carry it in my change pocket. It's like a worry stone in a way because the bottom is flat. I know, silly, but it makes me feel better sometimes when I'm really stressed.
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                      A garlic chain worn while blood is drawn, makes wonders lol