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Sleep... or the lack of it

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    Originally posted by SheGlowsPale View Post
    LMAO! It can go either way with me...After good sex I'm either OUT or I get this crazy burst of energy and I just wanna run around outside haha
    If I can lie perfectly still when I'm 'done' (ie if he's done too), then I'll fall into the best sleep of my life. It's amazing.

    But, if I still need to be awake, then I'm up for another couple of hours. I get the burst of energy and am up online, doing laundry, cleaning etc.

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      Originally posted by Beef Cake View Post
      Give it about 20 minutes after you orgasm and you should come down from the burst of energy. If not, start over and this time make sure you are F*&Ked stupid!
      Well, the problem I've either kicked him out or he's snoring by then. :P
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