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Why does the government peddle a low-fat message?

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  • Why does the government peddle a low-fat message?


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    Attachments take for ages.



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      Quite important article, but the graphic accompanying it is a hoot. Here's the article:


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        I'm assuming this is the thing.

        This is not to say that high-fat diets are always healthy, or low-fat diets always harmful. But rather than focusing on total fat or other numbers on the back of the package, the emphasis should be on eating more minimally processed fruits, nuts, vegetables, beans, fish, yogurt, vegetable oils and whole grains in place of refined grains, white potatoes, added sugars and processed meats. How much we eat is also determined by what we eat: Cutting calories without improving food quality rarely produces long-term weight loss.
        (Emphasis mine)

        I guess it's a start.



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          Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
          I guess it's a start.
          Yeah … and it's funny, anyway.

          The thing also is that everyone who picks up the NYT and turns to that page - or vists the site - gets it in the face.

          And it's not making any bones about the biggest problems: "outdated science" and "corporate influence". Anyone's guess which way round those actually should come - and, when it comes down to it, they're not unrelated, because there's reason enough, and personal testimony enough, to conclude that there are corporate interests strong enough to keep "outdated science" in play, through various means, wherever that's most beneficial to their bottom line.

          They're putting it out there, aren't they? One of the techniques, when reality starts to break in and things get really hot, is to turn things on their head. So here it's the "power of the health media" - i.e., people who're actually telling the truth - who are flagged as the problem.

          The dangerous power of health media: 28,000 quit statins after scare documentary
          The dangerous power of health media: 28,000 quit statins after scare documentary | Ars Technica UK

          Thank you for that Ars Technica. You really belong in the hall of shame for posting that. Contemptible.

          And isn't that the cue for another musical connection? (I can't resist these.)

          I for one am:

          going down to Rosedale ...
          More after the video:

          Sam – Bagels without butter? Ron Rosedale: Keep the butter; give up the bagel | Me and My Diabetes

          This worth a read, too: