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Why Veg*ns are Dangerous

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    I'm an anti-vegan. I have nothing against vegans and have absolutely no desire to pick fights with them, but I'm nearly carnivorous. Mostly I use plants as seasonings. So, pretty much anything that a vegan would eat I won't touch and anything that I will eat a vegan won't.


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      Originally posted by kalewoman View Post
      Bottom line: we've got to show the vegans lots of make up for all that meat they're not getting. ;-)

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        I blogged about that today on my website.

        you wouldnt believe the claims I quoted...
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          The fact that any group of people wishes to force others to live by their rules is abhorrent to me. It doesn't matter if they are vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, or frutarians. (Did I miss anyone?)

          My kids came up in scouts. They joined other groups too as part of their socialization while being home schooled. When they were older they opted for high school. I was often at odds with people in those groups who would make no concession for our family. We follow laws of Kashrut. Everyone seems to think that we should eat pepperoni, pork chops, etc. and would actually attempt to trick us into eating these things sometimes. You don't have to be a vegetarian to have an agenda and to be crafty about having others follow it.

          PS---I did not always abide by the dietary rules. It is something that came on during the last decade. To be honest, I miss my roast pork loin, etc.. Life goes on.
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            Originally posted by periquin View Post
            (Did I miss anyone?)

            Carnivores? lol
            Just teasing...all you carnivorous beasts out there. ;-)


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              Feeding cats and dogs a vegetarian or vegan diet ought to be considered animal cruelty. God I hate idiots sometimes.

              A steak a day keeps the doctor away