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    If a woman gets to skinny and doesn't have a bump sometimes it looks like her pelvis is sticking out farther than her stomach. A small bump is definitely preferable.
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      Originally posted by BMWRider View Post
      I have the hottest wife in the world. 5'6", 130 lbs, in shape, and looks damn good naked and clothed. She went primal with her (formerly fat) man to support me. ...... We cook for each other, laugh together, and enjoy our lives together. We go to concerts together, we shop together, we are both teachers so we talk shop, we read next to each other, watch movies in our home theater, go to the beach, take walks, etc. .....
      *momentarily speechless*

      Wow. That was awesome. Make sure you tell her that.

      You guys are so lucky to have this. It's uncommon and beautiful.

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        Originally posted by supersellen View Post
        I think that a woman will always be sexy when she looks like she is meant to at optimal health. For some women that is meaty, for some it is like a stick figure. It is the belly that comes from lack of health and balance that I find unattractive, as well as the slimness from undernourishment.
        I agree with this. Different women look best at really different weights, muscle and fat proportions.


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          Remember those reruns of "Happy Days"? Every time that Fonz went to a mirror to comb his hair, he just stopped, went "Hey!" and put the comb away. Fonzie 'knew' that he looked good.

          A little of that attitude puts a certain air about you. Stand a bit taller, smile a bit more, exude confidence. That is what is attractive regardless of being ten pounds up or down, or having this shape butt or breast.

          Beauty really comes from inside, for me.
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