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sunburn sting, itch, turn brown

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  • sunburn sting, itch, turn brown

    This is new to me.
    ​I got sunburn 4-5 days ago. at the beginning its red and stingy pretty bad. 2 days ago it itches and bothers me so much. skin has also turn brown, not smooth and seem dry.
    ​Is this a normal sunburn process? And how long will it change condition? will it peel?
    ​when peeling and after it, will pain/itch become worse?
    ​Im already suffering and lose sleep as i cant take steroid, antihistamine and other drug easily cause im sensitive and have many intolerances.
    ​what ive use coconut oil, menthol/mint, cold pack, aloe, cucumber.
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    Not sure about the brown colouring. That is what would happen to a 2nd decree burn but if that is happening to you, you really should be more careful in the sun. Use the damn sun protection when you go out in midday sun!!!

    If it's second decree burn you should go and see a doctor about it. they have proper anti-bacterial salves that you need.
    To elevate pain you can make your own salve of mixing yogurt and cucumber in a blender. you need to apply it on the burn and leave it there for at least 20 minute before rinsing wit luke warm water. However I'm not sure if this works 5 days later, i use to do this immediately after spending time in the sun
    My story, My thought....

    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!