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  • Prosciutto - sodium

    Hello, I have been eating prosciutto ( cured ham) with my eggs in the morning. I love it, but it has a very high sodium content (750 grams per 2 slices) and i am eating about 3-4 slices. I am worried this is way too much sodium to be having in one sitting. Any ideas on this?

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    Nope. No ideas, but proscuitto is non-negotiable.

    I try to limit salt in other meals, but not stress the bacon and prozhoot, as my Italian mom calls it. Salt may be one of those things that some people handle better than others. I read somewhere drinking a lot of water allows for greater consumption of salt. I drink lots of water. Also turning primal increased my sodium intake but my high blood pressure dropped to normal levels. Go figure?


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      One thing I've noticed is that when you quit eating processed foods, your sodium intake goes way down. So if you're just eating eggs, meat, and veggies, your overall sodium intake shouldn't be in the danger zone even with ham.