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Have you gotten sick after starting PB?

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  • Have you gotten sick after starting PB?

    So I've been totally primal for about a month, with about another month slowly transitioning into it. Up until now, I've felt great with increasing energy, better emotional health and a motivation to get fit and healthy that I've never had before...until last night.

    I went for a bike ride with a friend and after I came home and laid down to go to sleep, I noticed that my throat started hurting. I've had a swollen or enlarged lymph node on that side of my throat which has come and gone for the last few years. It had been bothering me lately, not hurting but I could feel it, like something stuck in my throat on and off more often for the last month or so.

    As far as I know, I haven't been around any sick people. I've been a smoker for many years and just recently (8 days ago) quit cold turkey. I figured that would help the situation, but obviously it hasn't. I'm wondering if this is some sort of detox or something. It seems obvious that the enlarged lymph node has now gotten inflamed for some reason. I'm hoping it's not an infection of some sort.

    I'm not really looking for medical advice. I'm keeping an eye on it, taking vitamin C, zinc, garlic and echinacea. If it hasn't cleared up in a few days, I'm going to go see a doctor. A few years ago, I had a hellacious throat infection and don't want it to get to that point again...I was just wondering if anyone else experienced a sudden cold or sickness after going primal?

    I've followed holistic medicine for a long time (fasts and cleanses and whatnot) but from all the reading I've been doing lately, I'm readjusting a lot of my opinions on many of those popular beliefs. I'm wondering if "detoxing" is another one. Obviously, there isn't a whole lot of scientific data to back it up. Isn't the carb flu similar to a detox though? (I may just be trying to convince myself that this isn't going to turn into something serious, haha...that last throat infection was scary as they never diagnosed what it was or how I got it...just gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way, but I was in massive amounts of pain for days)

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    some of the stuff I've read says detoxing rubbish and I tend to believe it. Your body does a pretty good job of maintaining itself. All the detox you need is to fast for a day, eat lightly and drink enough water.

    Carb flu is when your body hasn't gotten used to ketosis and not having the carbs to burn, I think - some major metabolic changes going on - Mark might have more about it on the blog. A few of us have commented on sore throats and I've seen that mentioned elsewhere with very low carb, and I think it's to do with your internal 'flora' being used to all the sugars, and dying off. So it gives an opportunity for the bad ones to get overactive. So probiotics and yoghurt might help with that.

    However a lump sounds serious to me. Possibly even thryroid? Definitely see the doctor fairly promptly I'd say. If it turns out to be nothing, at least you know, right?


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      I was vegetarian for 3 years and went primal cold turkey. I got a ptetty bad cold for about a week. I believe the transition either had a negative effect on my immune system, or like the above posted suggested, my gut flora was all out of balance, which effected my immune system. The cold went away and I felt great, but it was a ew more weeks of taking probiotics before my digestion came around,

      Good luck, feel better!


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        I think it's coincidence I think you should treat like any cold and see a doctor when and if under the same circumstances you would at any other time.

        Note added: Meant to mention, most illnesses are contagious for a period of time while a person has no or minimal symptoms, and people can pass through and leave germs in the air and on surfaces.
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          I've been around sick people at the office and at home and haven't gotten sick from them. But I have caught colds a couple times after nights of drinking.
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            My tonsils have been causing my problems for several years not as well. I've had one flair up since turning primal and I average five to seven sore throats a year. In my case I should most likely get my tonsils removed.


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              I've been primal about 9 months. I've gotten symptoms, but haven't been what I would call 'sick'. Just a runny nose a couple times, and the beginnings of a sore throat (along with swollon lymph nodes - they have always been frequently swollen for me as well), but nothing farther. My standard procedure when I feel something coming on is to take 10,000 IU vitamin D and make sure I'm drinking more water than usual, that usually clears things up within two days.

              As someone who has been prone all her life to extended ear infections, colds, and tonsillitis - this is a big improvement!


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                i would like to add that after the initial sickness i have not felt anything close to a cold coming on. Even being surrounded by sick coworkers and sharing joints/food with sick musicians. I realize now getting sick is more about the state of your immune system than what germs you come in contact with


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                  I've just gotten better after a week plus of being knocked on my ass with a cold. Strange thing was unlike colds I had in pre-primal days I didn't "feel" sick. By that I mean that I still had loads of energy and was up and about doing things kinda felt normal really just a whole bunch more coughing and sneezing and a few days lacking anything resembling a voice, my whole world wasn't brought down, whereas pre-primal I would have been trying to shut the world out and feeling miserable.


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                    I have not come down with any colds since going primal in Feb, but I did have a VERY nasty bout of norovirus (fever, vomiting, dehydration) that I caught at work. It was going around and about 75% of our staff got it. However, most of my coworkers reported having diarrhea with it as well and I did not have any of that. I wonder if my primal eating along with eating lots of fermented foods helped prevent that particular disruption to my lower digestive tract. I also get oral cold sore outbreaks several times a year and I just got over having one in May. So it is my experience that primal eating does not prevent all contagious illnesses. It has definitely helped with autoimmune problems and allergies and I am mostly hoping it will help ward off the degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's..


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                      It's been 10 months and I have never gotten sick. I take the subway/bus often and I am constantly around sick people.
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                        I got sick once this winter, after being stuck in a tiny Honda for 3 hours with a very sick woman who sneezed and coughed all over me. I started to get sick on Sunday, and by Tuesday morning, I was chipper and ready to go. That's a turnaround time I can deal with.


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                          Thanks all for your replies. I think this probably does have something to do with my immune system just not being up to snuff yet. I'm still struggling with balancing my gut flora even though I've been drinking kefir, I think I need a broader spectrum probiotic. I'm convinced that the "lump" in my throat is a swollen lymph node, it hasn't gotten any bigger over the years and since it's come and gone it doesn't seem like a cyst or anything. I think maybe I just over worked myself this week physically and maybe wore myself down + not eating enough due to poorness. That's all better now so I'm going to be loading up on good foods this week and ordering my supplements. It seemed a little better when I woke up this morning so, here's to hoping.

                          ps..I had my tonsils out when i was a kid. I had strep throat like three or four times a year and lived on antibiotics. Between that and the shit SAD-poor$$ diet my mother had me on as a kid I'm so lucky that I haven't come down with something way serious by now.