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Aspiring model in need of serious nutritional advice...

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  • Aspiring model in need of serious nutritional advice...

    So I've recently gotten into the world of modeling, building a porfolio and looking at agencies only to discover all of these fashion models are my height: 5'9" or taller and weighing around 115lbs or so. I'm 5'9" at 128lbs! I am a very healthy person eating extremely cleanly and have recently gone primal. It is essential that I get my weight down to 120lbs to progress in this career. I lift weights, do cardio 3-4 times a week and to avoid further weight gain, have been keeping my calories at about 1250-1300 daily. I load up on veggies and meat so i'm not starving but the slight layer of remaining fat I do have on my body will not budge. i'm considering incorporating intermittent fasting maybe once a week or so.I know many of you will say my calorie intake is too low but i don't know what else to do. At this rate I should be losing at least a 1lb a week. I have read about the anorexia and drugs in the modeling world and do not want to ever fall into a disorder of any kind because I believe I am prone. And now I'm becoming desperate to lose this weight and get my measurements down. ANY advice is welcome...

    I also drink a few cups of coffee in the morning with splenda...could the artificial sweetener cause me to release insulin and store this stubborn fat? My waist mearsurement is the only one that needs to shrink about two inches btw.
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    I don't see how you could get down to that weight while still preserving healthy lean tissue (muscle). But maybe you don't have to. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so when you're really lean you might easily fit into all the clothes just like the models that weigh less (but have more fat). The question is: Can you explain that to the agencies?
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      Nutritional keys to losing weight and having a great figure:

      -Eat enough food so the body becomes efficient at using energy sources. That means eating enough food to be compatible with life. 2000 calories minimum.
      -Make sure you're getting enough of all essential nutrients. This ties into the first point because without enough food you're not going to get enough nutrients and your metabolism will be like a poorly oiled machine.
      -Good macronutrient ratio. High in saturated and monounsaturated fats while limiting polyunsaturates except for omega 3 fatty acids at the beginning. Moderate protein, carbs to preference (usually not too high). This is going to mean eating fatty cuts of beef, fish, fresh pork and purposely adding fats like coconut, beef tallow, lard, and olive oil and avocado to a lesser extent.
      -Avoid poisons. Anything artifical, any of the nasty antinutrients and toxins from grains, legumes, some nuts and seeds, and eliminating anything that causes auto-inflammation. The approach of meat, good fats, vegetables, and possibly some supplements avoids this quite nicely.
      -Various anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and supplements like are found in tea, cocoa, berries, spices like turmeric and ginger. These are helpful in the beginning while you're still bringing your body back into homeostasis and become less useful the healthier you become, but they'll always have some merit in my opinion.

      This is designed to get the body running properly, resolve insulin/leptin resistance, and become healthier as a whole. Strive for optimal health and a great figure will be the positive consequence.
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        5'9'' and 120 lbs means very low muscle mass. I dont think you can get "model" skinny be being primal as models have no muscles, especially in their legs and arms. having less than ideal muscle mass is detrimental to your health. primal=healthy. healthy often does not equal model stats.


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          I would advice going really really low carb, and Ifing if you're able to do it and to sprint and rather than doing cardio. As for the IFing part, I'd say rather than doing it once a week and going for a long period, do it every day but for shorter periods. Give yourself say an eight to ten hour window to give your body the nutrition that it needs and don't eat for the other fourteen to sixteen hours. Basically throw one meal (usually breakfast out) and don't snack.
          Oh and lose the splenda too if you can.


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            Originally posted by lmyers04 View Post
            5'9'' and 120 lbs means very low muscle mass. I dont think you can get "model" skinny be being primal as models have no muscles, especially in their legs and arms. having less than ideal muscle mass is detrimental to your health. primal=healthy. healthy often does not equal model stats.
            Yes, this lifestyle will not help you reach your goal, and I am sure you already know it's unhealthy..
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              My recommendation would be
              Exercise: to trade in that Cardio for 1 - 2 sprint sessions a week, and to do moderate weight training / bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, squats) 3 times a week.
              This will promote strong healthy muscles without generating "bulk". Cardio especially is not doing you any favours, cutting that out for sprints will make you leaner and healthier.

              Diet: Cut ALL alcohol / sweetened drinks. Drink nothing but water. Green tea or similar if you have to have something hot / flavoured.
              Cut all grains and sugar entirely: Eat fatty meats and vegetables only, and you will be in good shape.
              Eat enough to be satisfied - your body will tell you how much you need. You'll probably increase your calorie intake, but you damn well need to - eating as little as you are is killing you slowly, and is not sustainable long term.

              If you were to do this you'll be able to get your BF% lower if you want to. You will have a little bit more muscle than the unhealthiest of models, but you will be very lean.

              All this said, I cannot condone the intentional reduction of body fat to a level that makes you unwell. If you find you cannot obtain the body they want you to have without your health suffering, question whether your chosen career is worth suffering for. (Hint: It's not.) I have tried to provide a guideline by which you should be able to keep your body fat as low as possible without sacrificing health. You yourself will know if you are cutting your weight to below what your body can sustain.

              Only you can decide what you want to do, but I highly recommend you consider modelling sportswear etc. rather than designer fasion, as these industries promote a healthier body image generally.
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                Check out Valerie Walters?? Red Carpet Ready -

                Her workouts will get your muscles looking how they need to look for magazine consumption. She has a meal plan but I have no idea what it is. Definitely make sure your vitamin D is topped off.

                It sucks having to fit into those little boy designer sizes.


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                  Here are my steps to getting down to 115 on a 5'9 frame:

                  1. Jam finger down throat.



                  I'm going to be honest, I don't really think that being a model is worth being an unhealthy bag of skin and bones with no muscle mass. I'm sorry, but primal advocates being lean and strong, not being scrawny enough to escape between two jail bars.

                  If you want to get down that much, I don't think primal is going to be very helpful. The only way I could imagine getting down that low is by starving yourself, which I am sure you do not wish to do.
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                    Ick. I just calculated a BMI for 120 at 5'9 - 17.7. Your current BMI is 18.9 (same as the Kitava women -

                    17.7 - yikes.


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                      Someone posted a link to an article in another thread about the amount of time they spend touching up model photos because they look so unhealthy.


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                        +1 on Daemonized advice. Basically eat on lean gains model. Read up on that site (just google). It also has a few pics of healthy people who have very low body fat %s. OK, there are valid points made by other posters but every profession has its trade-offs. If that is what you want to do, then it's up to you to try. There are many aspects of jobs that are unhealthy. Sitting at a computer screen all day for 10 hours is unhealthy, working at night is unhealthy, etc; but people do it anyway.


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                          Yeah, playing in the NFL is really bad for your overall health and causes many men to sacrifice their bodies and long term health, but damn it I do like watching football. That said, there is a bottom at a certain point where not having enough fat could be really bad. I would recommend figuring out in detail at a gym what your realy BF is and how low you can safely get. My BF percentage is around 7% right now and I could see getting down to around 5 to 6% but I won't go any lower than that on purpose. For a woman you probably don't want to go below 12 to 13% and if you do have to, you probably don't want to do that for long.


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                            Women have about 13 percent 'necessary' body fat, as opposed to men, who have 3 percent essential body fat. So anything below 13 for a women would be compromising health, I would think.
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                              Seriously, this is what this forum has come to? Do a google search on proana and find advice there.