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Feeling low blood sugar...what to do?

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  • Feeling low blood sugar...what to do?

    I can feel that my BS is low right now, I am tempted to grab a handful of berries, but not sure if I should.

    I had two cups of coffee with raw sugar (shame on me) and heavy cream this morning (drink it daily) about 4 hours ago. I had two eggs and bacon and sausage 2 1/2 hours ago, so I am not hungry at all but I feel low blood sugar.

    So do I be strong and ignore it or pop some berries for a quick fix? I rarely have this happen so I am not sure what to do.

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    what does low blood sugar feel like? may just be a carb craving.......? How long have you been primal? Carb flu could take up to three weeks to go away.

    eat some meat and see how you feel, berries might be too intense right now.


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      Well I have been off grains and simple carbs (other than a little fruit and the rare home baked goodie) for 7 mos.

      Low blood pressure is a hunger that does not come from your belly...if that makes sense. I used to get really big blood sugar swings when I was on the SADiet, so I am familiar with the urge to consume sugar/carbs.

      I have recently been working on lowering my carbs, this morning I am at 10 and 8 of that is from the sugar in my coffee...although that was at 6am-7:30ish. Ate at 8:30 and was feeling the need for a mid morning snack even though I knew I was not really hungry.


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        Have you tested your blood sugar levels?

        This just sounds like a craving.
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          Hmm. I dont know anything about low bs swings, but if youre feeling a hunger, I'd say eat. Its too bothersome for me to ignore hunger unless im fasting. Start with meat, though.


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            I'd eat some berries but with fat to slow things down.

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              Do you have some coconut oil? Have a spoonful or two, and just rest for a few minutes. As you probably know, this blood sugar crash was very likely triggered by the raw sugar in your coffee this morning.
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                Ok had a little meat and cheese, the feeling had mostly passed though and lunch time huger starting to arrive.
                Guess it is time to start working on a salad!

                Thanks for the feedback