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    Originally posted by Nova View Post
    my question to myself is: why is consistency elusive for me - when I love this lifestyle so much? And why is consistency easy for others? What is their secret and what am I doing wrong? each time I fall for the nefarious seduction of the sugar con artist, I don't beat myself up and move forward with a motivated plan. But it happens again a couple weeks later....and I end up with another plan. Am I not hydrating enough? am I waiting too long in between meals? Am I getting too hungry? it's always something different. sleep is critical and even with that being a non-issue (I'm getting 7- 8 hours per night) I find I'm still inconsistent.
    Dont get worked up about it, it sounds like you're not doing too badly. I'd say the biggest thing to tackle is the mindset. Remember to never let anyone or anything (food) control your emotions other than you.

    No more diets. No more stress. Health made easy. Living made incredible.


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      Originally posted by tfarny View Post
      cook up some eggs in butter and go for a walk. Life is too short for guilty feelings if you're not hurting others by your actions.
      +1 a little protein + fat and some slow moving - be good to yourself.