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  • kysulli's stomach

    Last edited by kysulli; 04-05-2012, 03:03 PM.

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    I'll be interested to hear what others have to say on this one. I have been reading up on PB, but have not officially started, though I have cut down on my carbs quite a bit. I find that I can only handle a very small amount of nuts, and not daily, or I have similar GI problems. Pain and gas in the lower intestines. I also can not handle much avocado, or I get the same problem along with terrible gas. I pretty much avoid avocado since I don't much care for the taste or texture either. Anyways, maybe avoid any nuts and just stick with olive oil and animal fats for now. Munch on olives for a snack and cook with butter. Hopefully others can chime in with some more advice as well.


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      I am not sure what the problem is. But it would be useful to note things that don't cause a problem. What else do you eat?


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        It's kind of in the wrong place, but it sounds an awful lot like gall bladder. Some people have to ease into the higher fat thing.


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          Hey kysulli - how ya feeling? Not sure what to say about the avocado, other than what was mentioned before. Some people seem to have a sensitivity with them. I eat one everyday because I love them, and so far so good.

          Regarding the queasiness: I do have constant queasiness. All.the.time. I have always eaten whole foods - no junk at all - but now I dont eat grains. And, since I began seriously and purposefully eliminating grains I have had an upset stomach. I googled it and apparently it can be related to ketosis. I am pretty good about the acceptable foods and I am in a similar position with regards to queasiness. I actually got some gluten free crakers for my famiy last night (the kids eat GF, not strictly primal) made of potato starch and rice flour, among other seeds and nuts. I tried them to see how they tasted. I loved them, and ate a bunch. Guess what? Went to bed without an upset stomach and this morning I still feel good. It is the first time in the last month when I have woken up and my stomach felt good. So, I am attributing it to the carbs. Though I do eat tubers, I dont eat them everyday. I think I may begin to have a little on a daily basis and see how i do. I would think a month to become adapted to ketosis would be enough, but I feel like I am getting progressively more tired and queasy than healthy. But, this morning I feel like I have more energy. I dont know. Just a guess. I Never used to eat crackers before primal, BTW. I like to make my own stuff. It was just a last minute decision to get the crackers. Bummer b/c now everyone is going to want them all the time. Oh, and FWIW - I never ate any junk food before primal, so I only had to get used to a grain free diet. I would think that if there was a good amount of junky type food before the switch, the queasiness may be your body's way of working with the new diet. Just a thought.