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    I would agree with the calories and fat. The great thing about fat of course, it doesn't take much to make a significant jump in your calories. Is your yogurt full fat in the AM? Could you add a raw egg or cream or something like that to it without throwing off your stomach in the am?

    With your lunch, add a hard boiled egg or two, full fat mayo, avocado, something along those lines in there to increase the calories.

    Or if because of work you need to eat lighter all day, lean more towards the warrior diet where you try and increase your meal sizes at night. Increased meat proportions, extra bit of fat here and there, etc.

    I personally stopped snacking when I went paleo to try and stick to the 2-3 meals a day, but I was not upping my calories initially at my mealtimes. I started dragging quickly. I tracked my food, and when I saw my calories dip down below a certain level, I saw a significant decrease in energy. I am not 100% in shape (could stand to lose about 5-7lbs of body fat), and not burning near the number of calories you are in a I could only imagine what stress your body goes through in 4.5 hours at high temps and exercise a day. Its taken some practice, but I am learning to serve more volume at meals to make enough calories in the day without snacking.

    Good luck!
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      I am going to go against the grain here in that diet isn't always the cause and cure for everything. It strikes me as very odd to spend 4.5 hours everyday in such extreme temperatures. Extreme heat tends to slow people down - makes them less active so I can imagine what chronic exposure to that level of heat would bring about. I know you said you aren't going to give it up, but perhaps your choice of activities is the cause of your exhaustion. Maybe cut back or cut it out for a period and see what difference that makes.
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        While you don't want to hear it - it's both your play and your work, as you said, Mark is right. Working in elevated heat is a cause of kidney problems for steel workers. And just because some is good doesn't mean more is better.

        Maybe you could find a way to do a few classes in another style of yoga without the heat, to give your body a break.


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          With that kind of activity level, as long as you are slender, you can get away with some paleo-friendly carbs after your workouts to replenish yourself. (fruits, starchy veggies) - even soaked brown rice (search the recipe on Whole Health Source blog) or white rice in moderation. I think you would feel better that way. But I also agree -more fat!!!


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            I wonder if you have adrenal fatigue? Being exhausted all the time is a big indicator. You can do an iris contraction test at home:

            You might also want to consider a 24-hour saliva adrenal stress index. It's not something you want to mess around with- if your adrenals are fatigued, you will have to cut back on your Bikram (unless you want to really make yourself sick. Adrenal fatigue can take a long time to recover from and takes effort).

            Also, try adding unrefined salt to your fluids. You might be too low in sodium.