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CW docs have BiL on high protein and saturated fats

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  • CW docs have BiL on high protein and saturated fats

    My brother in law (BiL) is paraplegic. He's been in a wheelchair since recovering from a near death motorcycle accident in 1983. For a year he's been battling a pressure sore that finally won. He's had surgery and will be hospitalized for almost three months to heal. How does CW heal a large bone deep wound on a paraplegic? With a diet very high in protein and saturated fats. He still gets carbs and he is gaining a lot of weight, but the diet prescription really interests me (this is a much longer story I will touch on in my journal).

    Apparently wounds heal faster with high protein levels balanced by rich saturated fats. Could be that the human body is just healthier and far more capable on such a diet, forget simply healing wounds? It seems CW embraces this diet just to heal wounds yet generally opposes it. Interesting, no? Just thought I would share.

    I don't think CWI Medical stands for Conventional Wisdom Incorporated, but I found this link to add to the discussion. They tried to keep it lean.

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    Well we're mostly made of amino acids and palmitic acid so that makes tons of sense. Not to mention lots of important stuff inside us like hormones and neurotransmitters are made of them and carbs can't really provide that stuff properly through de novo lipogenesis and are more likely to just be body fat and then energy if we get around to burning that body fat.
    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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      This makes me feel even better about licking the grease off my plate after I was finished eating my eggs. Faster healing wounds? Yes, please.
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        Awesome!!! I am so glad to hear this. Especially after the morning I have had on another website debating CW with the Primal way of thinking.


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          I heal extremely fast and thank my diet for it.
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