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Brown chicken broth

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  • Brown chicken broth

    Hi, I made chicken broth this week and instead of turning out yellow it turned out brown. It simmered for 17 hours. When they simmer for 12 hours it is always flavorless so I left it simmered for longer. I only roasted the bones a little so I don't think that it is why the broth have this colour. I called 2 butcher and they said that it probably simmered for too long and they recommanded to not drink it. Do you think that it is safe to consume?


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    Did you have any vegetables in it? Was it chicken parts, just bones, cooked before making stock?


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      We just had bowls of brown chicken soup last night for dinner, still breathing. Depends on what spices and length of cooking are involved. Raw chicken makes a light colored broth, cooked chicken tends to lean brown.


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        It's safe. I've simmered chicken bones a lot longer than 17 hours, not sure why it was recommended that you throw it away.


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          my broth can be pale yellow or dark brown. yours is fine.

          if your stock is flavorless after 12 hours you need a higher bones to water ratio.
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            Thanks all for your answers! I used parts of chicken that a butcher gave to me for free... I can't say which part exactly it was but it was bones with some meat and skin. I also added celery and onion... I also put the temperature of my crockpot at high instead of low, the quantity of water reduced by half... I'll give it a try, I was just a bit concerned about the colour which seem unusual. The bones were very soft after being cooked, so maybe there was some marrow that colored the broth?