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question on homemade coconut milk

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  • question on homemade coconut milk

    yesterday i made homemade coconut milk for the first time. i followed a recipe from where you soak shredded unsweetened coconut in water with agave nectar and vanilla for a couple of hours then blend and strain. this morning i pulled out the container to put some in my coffee and there was a thick layer of "skin" but not really skin because it was thick enough to kinda snap if your broke it. i assume this is the coconut cream??? do i strain this out and save it? mix it back in (which doesn't seem possible)? eat it?
    i will maintain the truth
    i knew naturally as a child
    i won't forfeit my creativity
    to a world that's all laid out for me
    i'll look at everything around me
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    it could just as well be mine - ani difranco