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  • The "Lunatic Fridge"

    Earlier tonight, I was joking with a friend on Facebook about being part of the "Lunatic Fringe" and he replied "At least you're not part of the 'Lunatic Fridge'" with THIS picture attached:

    I just about died laughing!!

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    All that stuff, and no food to be seen. Thanks for sharing!


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      Freezing people isn't the only way a fridge can kill you.


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        LOL. My oldest son looks in my fridge when he comes over to visit and says it looks like Farmville in there.


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          EW! Warn a guy, wouldja? For Pete's sake!

          *runs away screaming*
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            wasn't there a post your fridge pic around here a while back? Interesting for comparison purpose.


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              Thats not only horrifying but sad.
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                I feel sick.
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                  Oh my god.

                  When my SO and I first started dating, her fridge looked similar to that. And she was raising a kid!

                  Now, yes, ours looks like farmville in there!

                  Wowowow. Even before PB, I didn't eat that crap! Growing up on a farm, my mom cooked things from scratch. And that taste has carried over.

                  Wow oh wow!
                  Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                    Me glad I was never THAT kind of vegetarian


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                      That is insane. I have had some pretty bad days in my food history, like my ramen and mac & cheese poor student days.....but I still had more fresh food in the fridge then that photo contains. Crazy.
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                        The owner of that fridge needs to see my freezer with all the white wrapped meats from my butcher and the clear plastic bags of beef heart. Where's the beef?


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                          I did go through a short phase in my early 20's when my sis and I ate a lot of fake meat and Amy's stuff. I was also working at a macrobiotic (shudder!) restaurant then and eating beans, tofu and brown rice 5 days/week for lunch (and lots of nice salads, thank goodness!).
                          I was in the worst health EVER! My hair was falling out, I was tired and freezing all the time and I was the chunkiest I've ever been. If only I had known.
                          Damn those Tofutti blintzes and Morning Star Farms sausage patties, LOL! There wasn't much info 12 years ago about how bad that stuff is!


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                            Am I weird because I think tofu burgers are kind of tasty? I mean, I wouldn't eat them anymore, and they don't hold a candle up to beef, but I thought they were kind of yummy when I tried them :3
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                              When I was a kid, my father took me out to California to visit some cousins. During the trip they took us to vegetarian restaurant, I think the name was the Good Earth or something like that. I ordered a veggie burger and I was seriously repulsed. Perhaps they've improved over the years, but I won't be changing my carnivorous ways any time soon.