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The perfect primal day???

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  • The perfect primal day???

    Today could've quite possibly been the perfect primal day.

    Woke up late (8ish) with the wife & kiddos.
    Lazed around for an hour (or a little longer) while my wife gave the kids breakfast.
    Went into the kitchen at 9-somethin & started the bacon.
    Cooked 4 slices of thick cut bacon, drained most of the grease, cooked up a 4-egg omelette with diced shrooms (previously sauteed, then re-cooked in the bacon grease before dumping the eggs) and a slice of organic cheddar. Half a cup of creamed spinach on the side.
    After breakfast, lazed around a little more.
    Went into the back yard & let the kiddos play on the waterslide.
    Came back inside & lazed around some more (ripped a few cd's onto the computer/mp3 player/crackberry).
    Decided to go for my 50 minute walk at 2:50 (90+ degrees & fairly high humidity).
    Was feeling extra-Grokkish & decided to throw 4 sprints into the mix towards the end of my walk (keep in mind, I weigh 300+ & I haven't sprinted in years....literally). Sprinting felt surprisingly good.
    Got to my neighbors house at about 3:40 & took a dip in his nice, cool pool.
    Wife & kiddos met me there & we played for nearly 2 hours.
    Have a baby sitter coming over this evening so we can go out to a very nice, likely steak, dinner with some good friends and some good vino.

    Yes, today was a good day.

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    Sprints! Very grok indeed...
    "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

    "A pound of meat a day keeps the doctor away"


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      Well, I kinda fubar'ed my perfect day at dinner tonight. Drank a bottle of red (oops) over a 3 hour dinner with friends, had about 2/3 cup of crab fried rice and split an UNFRIGGINBELIEVABLE dessert with my wife. It was banana's foster cake with a scoop of ice cream and it was SOOOOO worth it. I'll feel like crap tomorrow, but for now, I don't give a rip!


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        But you probably really enjoyed that Fubar-ing! balance....


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          Yes I did. Surprisingly, I feel ok today. Stomach's a little bit unsettled, but overall, I feel OK. Either way, it'll be a while before I do that again!