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Survival Week 8/3/09 - Fair Warning! :)

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  • Survival Week 8/3/09 - Fair Warning! :)

    Ok, at the request of participants, I'm posting this one a bit early so everyone can be ready for it.

    Things aren't looking so good for Grok. Maybe there's a draught and foraging just isn't working out. Hunting may be sparse. Can you survive?


    1) No alcohol, dairy, chocolate (or whatever your vice is.)

    2) Carbs below 50.

    3) IF one meal per day.

    4) Use only what you already have in your kitchen. No new groceries.

    How many can you follow? Can you take them all on at the same time? Can you survive?

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    I'm in again! Actually looking forward to it.

    No dairy and carbs under 50.


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      This seems like so much fun! Maybe i'll tackle the next one though. I'm still trying to figure out all this primal stuff and getting used to eating that way.

      How often do you do these? Once a month?


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        Personally, I've been doing them every other week, weekends not withstanding. It's actually a lot of fun to have other Primals joining me now!

        The next one will be in about 2 weeks. Once you get comfortable with PB, we'd be glad to have you join us.


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          Not this week, sorry... too much stuff happening to think about surviving this week.

          Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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            I am in this week! I had a mini-breakdown at mid point last time. But a lot of my triggers aren't even in the house now. Take that, almond butter.


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              LOL! I can't keep nut butter in the house either. I eat it too fast. My new rule is to make it, and only as much as I intend to eat at that moment.

              Can't wait to bust it out this week!


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                OK I am in this time

                Not ready to give up dairy yet

                No wine or chocolate

                IF once a day (normally eat x 4 so one of these 4)

                Carbs under 50gr

                Only what's in the kitchen


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                  Hi I'm new here, but not so new to primal eating...

                  I'm in, but will have to unfortunately hit the shop a couple of times as we don't keep much stocked here!

                  but definitely No dairy, chocolate, carbs under 50 and i'll IF one meal a day!

                  Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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                    Glad to have you aboard! Here we go!

                    I'm IFing breakfast.

                    L: Country rib with roasted veggies

                    D: Broccoli soup and protein shake (I know it doesn't match but I want to get them both used up.)

                    Just off to the gym to work the arms. They've been somewhat neglected lately.


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                      is it OK if I post at the end of the day what I have eaten, Diana, rather than a ^prediction? I tend to be pretty spontaneous in the kitchen rather than planned (tho breakfast tends to be samey with me )


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                        Of course.

                        I just realized I can't do my protein shake. It's whey. Should hold up in the freezer til next week.

                        Crappy workout at the gym. I'm annoyed that they started a bootcamp thing right during my workout, so I have all these flaky girls over-running my space. *sigh*


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                          B: broccoli omelet with some feta (dairy isn't my vice, nut butters are...not even a taste this week, dammit!)

                          L: IF

                          D: cucumber salad ala RogerDeGrok

                          S: cinnamon pork rinds

                          Calories are going to be a little lower today, only because I went ape last night preparing for survival week.

                          Carbs: 31.1

                          Doing a full body workout this morning and then off to my trainer later today for shoulders and arms. I know that dips are in order, with a 30 pound weight strapped to my waist. yay.


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                            Hello- happy challenge starting day!

                            eggs in coconut oil for breakfast.

                            tuna salad for lunch (tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, olive oil)


                            beef/broccoli stir fry left-overs

                            Will post carb totals tonight.


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                              Breakfast : two fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado, tomatoes, two coffees and milk

                              lunch: shrimp and spinach salad, with fennel and walnut oil, coffee and milk

                              Snack : IF

                              Dinner : IF

                              exercise : bike sptints

                              carbs 38gr carbs