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  • Salt

    Yesterday I made Spaghetti for dinner. I used SW Organic Tomato Sauce and Hot Italian Sausage (from our freshly butchered pig) plus spices. This morning my weight is up and my hands are swollen. I am guessing the salt from the sauce. It is what I have used in the past and not noticed any issues. Is there a better brand of sauce. I always buy this one because I get it at Costco. I just checked the label 340mg per serving of sodium. Is that alot? I have never really watched salt intake before. The only time it has been an issue is after Chinese.

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    Salt isn't that bad for you, provided you're using unrefined sea salt and aren't eating pre-packaged foods that come loaded with sodium.

    If you happen to live near a Whole Foods, stock up on their colorful, glittery unrefined salt. And when preparing sauce, make it from scratch using crushed tomatoes (or fresh, if you're a masochist), that way you can control everything that goes into it.
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      Doubtful, especially since you have eaten it before and had no problems. Salt isn't the menace that most people would like you to believe. Sure, a small amount of the population is very sensitive to it, and if you eat nothing but processed food, you'll probably get way too much. But most people will be just fine with the amount in tomato sauce.

      Make sure to check out Gary Taubes' (of Good Calories, Bad Calories fame) article "The Political Science of Salt" to help you further debunk the salt myths running around today.
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        I'm not sure it's the salt either. How often do you have wheat these days? Maybe you are reacting to the spaghetti.
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          My 2 questions are #1 could it be "Portion distortion" actually measure how much sauce you had? & #2 why hasn't anyone mentioned the Pasta?
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            "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

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              Wait wait wait. You eat PASTA and processed sauce and blame the salt for the inflammation?
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                Originally posted by Chairdr View Post
                why hasn't anyone mentioned the Pasta?
                You obviously didn't read my post!
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                  I don't know if she ate pasta last night. She was asking about a substitute to put under the sauce(cauliflower rice)
                  Calm the f**k down.


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                    betty, "spaghetti" is a shape of pasta, so you're bound to confuse people with that... you could say you made a meat sauce, or a sausage-and-tomato sauce, or something like that.

                    Did you make the sausage yourself, or do you know what all the ingredients are? Some sausage has wheat-based fillers. Or, if the sausage had a lot of added salt, maybe combined with the sauce that's what did it. It does seem puzzling.

                    Making your own sauce is easy, and you can make a big batch at once and keep meal-sized portions of it in the freezer for later. It can also be cheaper, as all you really need are canned tomatoes and dried spices.
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                      NO pasta, I used caulifi rice for me so I guess I should have said meat sauce, but Spaghetti sauce is ingrained in the brain. lol Sorry for causing an uproar!!! hehe

                      The sausage is fresh from the pig we just had butchered so no fillers.

                      I made my own sauce as it is isn't Prego, etc. I used the S&W organic tomato sauce, which does have salt in the ingredient list, italian seasoning and garlic.

                      My salt when I use it is Sea Salt, can't even imagine using anything else anymore.


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                        Is this your first time eating cauliflower like this? I wonder if maybe you are having a reaction to it? Or something else you ate yesterday.
                        Calm the f**k down.