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Paleo in india. Possible?

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  • Paleo in india. Possible?

    I am travelling to India in a few days and am quite concerned about how I am going to stay Paleo.
    I know a lot is gluten free but for the rest I guess it's all pea flour, beans, lentils and rice. All the stuff I usually
    stay right away from. I imagine the meat and veg curries will be OK.
    Has anyone tried to stay Paleo whilst travelling in India or should I just give up for three weeks and get back on track when I return albeit heavier, with stomach complaints and grumpy?

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    Paleo in india. Possible?

    Depends on what region. Indian cuisine varies wildly region to region based on various ethnic groups and religious groups. If you are visiting the major cities you should be fine.

    I know that they tend to offer white people chicken and pork a lot if they don't understand you... I would personally try to get at the various types of lamb, paneer, and goat dishes they have though.

    (Sad you don't eat legumes and rice. Channa masala, various types of daal, and lamb biryani are the Bomb)
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      Hi Briss,

      I'm in India now and have been more or less living "primally" without any difficulty at all.

      You are absolutely free to go barefoot wherever you want.

      I don't know how anal you are, but the veg curries frequently have a bit of white sugar added and the richer ones sometimes make use of various seed pastes. If you're using commercial butter, go with Amul brand as it supposedly contains the least amounts of trans fats. If you're going to be in a village somewhere it might be possible to get free range chicken/eggs, but you'll have to do some digging. The locals usually consume that themselves (it will thus cost more). All chicken in the restaurants will have been caged and poorly treated. Eggs will originate in the same kind of environment. You don't want to see that. Red meat is a big question mark at this time. Beef is imported and available in the nicer restaurants and many muslim "dhabas". In the later, the cow may have been poached off the street. It sure as hell tastes like it. Mutton might be the best compromise available. Soy and mustard oil are the preferred sources for frying. Full fat dairy is everywhere (I recommend you buy directly from the dairy stores to minimize hygiene concerns).

      If you're going to Delhi there are several places where you can buy imported goods that might be of interest. Khan Market and Select City Mall (near the metro yellow line "Malviya Nagar" stop, I think; otherwise just go to Saket), are two such places. Here you can find all kinds of different cured meats and cheeses and nuts/seeds and probably plausibly organic goods.

      Hope this helps a bit.


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        What TQP says is right. Are you heading for a specific place? Because I wouldn't eat fish in Bengal (it's basically sourced from the Ganges delta), but I might consider it in Kerala. In the south, the idly and dosa batters are, if I'm not mistaken, traditionally slightly fermented (the better ones will have a subtle sourness about them). It may be by coincidence more than anything (batter sitting in the heat for a day or two). The bran has been removed from both the rice and the urad daal (black lentil) that are used to make them. Bottom line, if we know where you're going we might be able to provide more details.