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Nuts causing gut issues?

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  • Nuts causing gut issues?

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    Here's how I figure it. If I find something I am eating is hurting me, I stop. It's not good for you to eat things that hurt you. You don't need any particular food, as long as you otherwise eat a good variety.


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      Nuts cause problems for many people, and plenty of us blamed it on everything else before giving in and admitting to ourselves that it was the nuts and nut butters. Almonds are especially problematic for some; from what I've read, it seems that macadamias are less often the culprits than any of the others, at least for the majority of those who report it.

      There are plenty of reasons for their causing stomach upset - one of them (that most don't realize) being an issue of FODMAP sensitivity/intolerance/whatever you want to call it, in certain bodies. They are also one of the more inflammatory foods by nature - more O6 than is considered ideal by most unless truly consumed in moderation. Let's face it, though - nuts aren't the easiest to consume in moderation or anything even resembling it. I ditched them eventually for all three reasons and still mourn the loss. Even they weren't worth the GI upset and the inflammation brought on by even a small amount once I realized how sensitive I am to them.
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        Time to stop eating nuts!
        My opinions and some justification


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          Maybe you need to eat smaller amounts of nuts more frequently and slowly increase the dose to fix your gut.

          Half kidding. Really seems to be a large gut problem considering that nuts have been a human staple since the early Paleolithic 2 million years ago.
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            Don't forget that nuts contain lectins, which can damage your gut. Though they do contain nutrients, they don't have anything unique, so it's okay to cut them out for a time or even permanently.


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              If it's only been "several days" since the previous time you ate nuts, without incident, I doubt that your body has suddenly become intolerant. Maybe that batch of nuts was bad.


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                Soak the almonds and see if that helps.

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                  Macadamia nuts are better, but herr's what I would do. Cut them all out, then after a few weeks reintroduce just macadamia nuts. If you're fine after that, wait two more weeks then retry almonds. It's best to have one experimental variable at a time.