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DH got VAP test results today, 3 years primal... thoughts?

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  • DH got VAP test results today, 3 years primal... thoughts?

    He wants my opinion on his test, since we self-ordered through AcessaLabs. I've been trying to find some good info on "how to lower" this or that, but gosh! It's hard to find info out there that isn't SAD/Modern medicine and obviously that's not what I'm interested in. If it were, we would just depend on what the docs tell us to do!

    Here are his results - snap shot form. Btw, he's been mostly primal for 3 years, dropped all his excess weight around the belly, is back to his 20 y/o weight and pant size (he's 45) and feels great. The exercise portion hasn't been incorporated (work-a-holic) but he and I will get there!

    VAP ANN July 2014.jpg

    Any thoughts? I think we shouldn't worry about any of the results, but does anyone have a suggestion for what we might tweak to better certain results, if we even need to...??


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    Can't see the results yet. Attachments take forever to be approved.


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      TOTAL LDL-C DIRECT 133 <130 mg/dL

      TOTAL HDL-C DIRECT 47 >=40 mg/dL

      TOTAL VLDL-C DIRECT 43 <30 mg/dL

      SUM TOTAL CHOLESTEROL 223 <200 mg/dL

      TRIGLYCERIDES-DIRECT 121 <150 mg/dL

      TOTAL NON-HDL-C(LDL+VLDL) 176 <160 mg/dL

      TOTAL APOB100 CALC 103 <109 mg/dL

      LP(a) CHOLESTEROL 5.0 <10 mg/dL

      IDL-C 35 <20 mg/dL

      REAL-LDL-C 93 <100 mg/dL

      SUM TOTAL LDL-C 133 <130 mg/dL

      REAL-LDL SIZE PATTERN A- Large Buoyant LDL

      REMNANT LIPO (IDL+VLDL3) 63 <30 mg/dL


      HDL-2 (LARGE,BUOYANT) 10 >10 mg/dL

      HDL-3 (SMALL,DENSE) 37 >30 mg/dL

      VLDL-3 (REMNANT LIPO) 28 <10 mg/dL


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        any thoughts or perspective?


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          Looks fine to me. You could always be healthier, but I don't see any cause for alarm.
          My opinions and some justification


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            Was it a fasted test or not? Trigs look pretty high to me. Pattern A LDL looks great.


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              He fasted 10 hours instead of 12