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  • Question about dairy

    I hope someone else has had this experience because I'm just trying to verify my own.

    Just eating standard low carb, I was bothered by occasional heartburn--sometimes more than occasional.

    Since I started eating more primal and cut out all grains and dairy about 8 months ago, I realized that I've never had any heartburn at all.

    On Sunday evening, I prepared an antipasto salad for dinner (invited a friend to share) and ate cheese for the first time in all these months (love cheese!). I also had wine (2 glasses), which I haven't elminated from my WOE but haven't had for a while.

    On Monday, I had terrible heartburn. I had some leftover cheese again on Tuesday--and more heartburn.

    I don't intend to go back to dairy at all, but I'm wondering whether that could have been the cause of the heartburn? (Would give me more incentive to avoid cheese:-)

    Has anyone ever had a reaction like this?

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    I've stopped eating much cheese just because it doesn't taste good to me anymore - I still like it melted in omelettes but not just a chunk of cheese. Yesterday I tried a small slice of the 'good brand' we bought (because the store brand just tastes like salt and mold to me now!), and
    1. it didn't appeal to me
    2. I did get a bit of heartburn.

    I hadn't made the connection between the heart burn and the cheese until reading your post, but I bet that was it


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      Yep, sounds like a trigger food for ya. Too much peanut butter did the same thing to me.
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        Cheese gives me heartburn also.
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          Wine gives me heartburn sometimes.


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            I drink a quart of goat milk a day, a few tablespoons of organic (cow) heavy cream in my coffee, some grass-fed butter and cheese (cow) and I never have experienced heartburn.


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              Might be that you are sensitive to cheese, but have a look at the packaging and see what ingredients is has. Might be something added to that particular cheese that is not in all cheese.
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                I abandoned beans, they gave me terrible heartburns, Cheese for some reason I can tolerate it fairly well.


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                  Dairy doesn't make my stomach hurt but it does give me acne. Auto-immune reactions aren't always perceptible.
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                    dairy gives me acne too... and gas..... and it sucks b/c i love it and it assists weight gain SO easily
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                      I quit eating a lotof cheese. I have some bleu and goat cheese in the fridge. I throw bleu cheese on a few things every once in while. I've found that if I eat a lot of cheese it tears up my stomach. Milk doesn't, cream doesn't, but cheese does. Never got heartburn though.
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                        Thanks to all who responded! I thought at first that it was the wine, but when it happened a second time with just cheese and no wine, I decided that it definitely was the cheese. Since I try to be off dairy completely (and have been for about 9 months), this is just evidence that I'm better off without cheese!