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    Hi there,

    What supplements do those of you living in the UK recommend? I would like to try Mark's Master Formula but it isn't available over here.

    I currently take a Berroca, fish oil and high strength glucosamine and chrondotin daily.

    I occassionaly feel a little tired and have the odd muscle cramp so I'm wondering if I am missing something.

    I was wondering if there was a single formula I could take that would give me everythnig I need.

    My diet is fairly primal most of the time. I eat dairy (goats cheese and cream), organic grass fed beef, fish, free range chicken, eggs, salad vegetables, biltong, free range cured pork, bacon, almonds, berries. I drink mainly water, green tea and 1 black coffee a day. For a treat I will have a couple of squares of 85% chocolate and a glass of red wine. I avoid anything processed and don't have too much of a sweet tooth so I don't have anything with artificial sweetener.

    I recently ran my first marathon but now I have cut back my running to a 2 or 3 gentle 5k's a week and I try and walk at least 30 minutes a day. I also box once a week.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Have you tried checking your intakes using FitDay? I have been amazed how many of the RDA of minerals and vitamins I exceed on my usual paleo diet. I am consistently low on calcium so supplement, and vitamin D - so half an hour or more in the sun when possible. magnesium and potassium are also often low but more fish and sweet potato or banana help there. So - check it out! You may not be needing much in the way of supplements.


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      Living in the UK you are likely to be Vit D deficient - 30 mins in the midday sun daily is fine but only when you are stark naked! I ordered Vit D supplements from the US and am now taking 50000 IU weekly.