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Just finished a primal lunch...

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  • Just finished a primal lunch...

    I think

    After feeling like garbage last night following my Memorial Day sugarfest, I jumped back into trying primal eating for the second time today. Done well so far, eggs and nuts this morning and just got done eating lunch. Lunch was turkey meat, full fat cheese (kind of made little sandwiches with meat and cheese) and full fat organic yogurt and nuts.

    I had more food in my bag to eat, but felt full after eating all that! I'm not sure if lunch was too much dairy, but it was all I had on hand at home last night. Probably could have used more veggies. I must say, I felt a little weird eating that much 'fat'(the cheese and yogurt) for lunch! Definitely hitting up the grocery store tonight to stock up!

    Just waiting until the (usual) mid afternoon sugar craving hits...I'm really hoping that it doesn't!!

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    lol I had a day like that once...trying to make the most out of lame leftovers. I had turkey roll-ups w/ lettuce & generous pats of butter. There was NO end to the harassment I got at the office that day..."Oh, and YOU're supposed to be the HEALTHY one!" is all I heard. aaargh.

    dairy & nuts make me want more fatty/high carb things, not less, so I'm careful with those. And i'm ALWAYS ravenous after a high carb/low activity day! Try to do a little workout to balance yourself out


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      I would say that is a pretty good start to lunch. I am not sure why you are primal but for me personally, to have nuts with both breakfast and lunch is not a good idea. I went primal for weight loss though and nuts just stall me, and also what kind of yogurt? most all yogurts i have looked at have lots of added sugar because they add flavor to them. But that's just what I have seen so far. If you feel good about what you are eating and it makes you feel good then thats what matters, just cutting out grains alone is a huge step in the right direction for most people in my eyes.
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