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Did Grok's Ancestors Eat Grains and Tubers?

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    Originally posted by picklepete View Post
    That could be the million dollar question of health, not enough certainty yet. My hunch is it's a cumulative load of culprits rather than one.
    Personally, I suspect the 'poisons' in the seedcoats of most widely consumed foods will be the 'Resistant Starch of Tomorrow'.

    I suspect our current backlash against wheat would be wiser if it were a backlash against modern wheat, commercially prepared with terrible oils and preservative and consumed to excess. Which is actually the 'problem' with wheat, IMO.

    Today's pariah looks too much like the 'demon' of saturated fat in the 80's looked so far.

    Not saying that lot's of meat aren't healthy and required. Just saying I'm not yet convinced that seeds, legumes and grains should be specifically excluded entirely. To me they appear to be a vital part of one's '20%'.
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