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  • Psmf

    I have been doing a protein-sparring modified fast for the past week. One thing I noticed from many of your posts was that your calorie intake was naturally low (with the exception of some crazy genetic freaks eating PB at 3,000+ a day and still dropping the pounds!). I was having a hard time detatching from food and although completely PB my meals were plentiful and adding the weight on fast.

    This past week I probably have around a 1000 cals a day, all protein and vegetables with some supplement use as well as minerals/potassium and other vitamins.

    I have cultivated hunger, been hydrating like crazy as I pee all day long and sometimes in the middle of the night. I eliminated trigger foods, no dairy, nuts/butters, fruit. And it helps that I don't think about food as much; my stress has decreased greatly. I make sure my one meal a day is a nice fatty cut of meat and leafy veg and I eat a BAS with olive oil or coconut oil. At first all the veg was making me feel bloated with gas but then the addition of fats on my greens eliminated that and my stomach feels great. I up'd the magnesium to help stay regular.

    My only complaint is that I want to continue the PSMF and start to work out once in Ketosis which I think is about now but I have been pushing through for energy. When I am efficiently burning ketones will I naturally feel better? I know many of you are avid strength trainers. I split train 5-6 days a week. I can cut back a bit.

    I know I am asking my body a lot but from PB experience I do not lose B.F. unless my cals are low regardless of diet components. So adding fats is not an option b/c I have them right where I need them. My goal is purely to push through until I get the energy from stored fat. So from experience, how long does it take you to feel strong in ketosis?

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    any reason for the over-hydration? Youre probably losing a lot of nutrients by constantly flushing your system like that.


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      and, I would say add fats, as the only way our bodys can break down existing fat cells is with the help of dietary fat. Not eating fat and assuming your body will just take it from your stores is incorrect. Without the addition of dietary fat, your body will hold on to what fat you already have like theres no tomorro


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        yup, yup. You might be low on electrolytes and potassium from all the peeing. Coconut water should do the trick.

        and yeah, the best way to acclimate your body to burning fat and ketones is to feed it fat! dont fear the fat! Once you get used to it, you wont have to "push" through your workout. You will have abundant energy and you can then train at a higher intensity, raise your metabolic rate, and not have to worry about those calories as much. I beast on the butter, yet my calories fall around 1400 on avergage. I am completely satiated and feel strong. Im 18 years old, around 12% BF, so my CW says my caloric intake should be way higher than that, lol, but i feel great.
        "I know what my body needs and what it can handle. There's no better way to achieve my goal than what im doing now. If my regimen leads to my death, be it in six days or six months...I will die fullfiled. The outcome is irrelavent so long as i steer towards my fate. If death is to be my prize, i welcome it with open arms."

        "A pound of meat a day keeps the doctor away"