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  • Need help with supplementation

    Here's some backstory.
    For most of my life I've had low energy, strange unexplainable health problems (eczema, headaches, fatigue, soreness, depression). For the last two to three years, I've been battling on and off with hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid). I'd get it under control (or at least the painful symptoms of it - bloating, not digesting, indigestion) and go back to a crap diet. Some of the diet was by choice, a lot of it was the fact that pasta and rice are cheap and Ramen is really easy to throw together when you're so depressed and tired that you can barely get out of bed.

    About a year ago, I went to a kinesiologist who did some testing on me to test my neurotransmitter levels. I came up deficient in everything which I thought made sense since the HC was causing me to be nutritionally deficient. He put together a regimen of supplements that was designed to raise my GABA levels. They worked, minimally and were whoa! expensive.

    Obviously, even though it didn't occur to me then, that taking those supplements wasn't going to address the root of the problem, they HC which was causing the nutritional deficiencies in the first place. While that was going on, I doubt I was even absorbing half of the supplements that I was taking.

    In the last six months, the HC got so bad that I was afraid to eat because it would cause me a lot of pain and discomfort. Enter MarksDailyApple!!! I started reading and most of it was echoing a lot of what I'd come across myself. I cut out sugar and grains immediately and saw an immediate improvement in my digestion. It's been slow going but I know I'm healing. I'm slowly working on a few other aspects of the lifestyle, such as making sure I'm getting enough fat and Omega 3's and exercise. I've been taking short walks and bike rides. Two months ago, walking up the stairs to my apartment was enough to get my heart racing. Walking up them with a loaded laundry basket? Forget it. I had to sit down when I came inside. I've seen improvements there. I was seriously afraid that I was on my way to chronic fatigue.

    Speaking of...I know my adrenals have taken a severe beating over the years. Chronic stress has been a theme of my life. a few weeks, I'm going to be getting some money and I'm going to be picking up things here and there that I need. A pair of Vibrams, a sledghammer, stock up my kitchen and a new set of supplements.

    I would appreciate any input on the staples that people find that they need, even with a healthy diet, as well as any supplements that someone more educated in nutrition than I am at the moment (going to school to be a nutritionist, but haven't gotten to the nutrition classes yet) might see that I might definitely be deficient in being that I've spent such a long time nutritionally deficient.

    I know I'll need D, and I've been taking B12 which seems to really be helping with the fatigue, and I know I'll need a good Omega 3. I'm also exploring the possibility that I am A deficient, I've got Keratosis Pilaris on my arms.

    I know that there are certain balances for these and I don't have a lot of money. I don't want to take something and not have it be effective because I'm not taking something else that it requires. Do I need to take a lot of supplements separately or is there a good multi that I can take, in addition to a few specific things like D which I know I won't get enough of in a multi.

    Also, any affordable, quality brand suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and for any input you might have. Please feel free to ask questions.