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Do you make an exception for bacon?

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  • Do you make an exception for bacon?

    I really wanted to try some good bacon, so I bought some uncured, nitrite free, no preservatives/no antibiotics/no hormones/etc. bacon from Trader Joe's. I haven't eaten bacon in years, and I loved it, and would like to make it a regular. Now, this is the cleanest bacon I've been able to find. Is it okay to eat large amounts of this non-organic/non grass fed bacon (omega 6/omega 3 ratio)? Do you make an exception about eating grain fed meat when it comes to bacon?

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    Take an Omega-3 supplement and don't sweat it.
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      I try my best, but I don't sweat it. I pay about double for bacon from the local market that is antibiotic/steroid free, is allowed to "roam" and is smoked naturally. I pay about $ 5.00 lb, but there is a HUGE difference in taste and "cookability??" for me. When I cook this stuff, the fat renders "clean" the fat left on the strips gets like a good fried porkchop fat (you know those edges?) and it doesn't go from being a nice large thick slice to a teeny tiny little bit of meat. They stay big.

      If I *have* to buy from the store, then I buy the extra thick, traditional brand if I can find it. Or I get back bacon.
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        Originally posted by Primalchild View Post
        Take an Omega-3 supplement and don't sweat it.
        This seems to be a common recommendation for folks in my situation, and I've often seen Mark talk about it. The supermarkets are filled with the "all natural", "humanely raised", "vegetarian feed", "no antibiotics/hormones" labels. Finding a steady, variety of pork and beef cuts that are organic and grass fed is just too difficult for me. So, if I were to go the conventional route, I would definitely stick with the all natural/no antibiotics/etc. (it's got to be better than Tyson or Perdue), and I'd be able to afford more meat. So, to balance things outs, what scenario is better: lots of non organic, non grass fed meat everyday along with an omega 3 supplement, or significantly less meat (basically whatever grass fed meat is cheap), yet is of higher quality? To add to this, where should I start with an omega 3 supplement that will not only counter all the omega 6 in my diet, but also that comes from wild caught fish, and has no fillers/additives/soy ingredients?


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          Get yourself some good cod liver oil. Carlson's is widely available and high quality.
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            No its not kosher. No exceptions, unless its from another animals and bares a hecture.
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              I totally eat cheap bacon. But just about all of my Beef intake is grass fed.

              I really should be looking into some fish oil though.



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                my 'exception' to overindulging with the omega6/3 ratio is by far REALLY fatty ground pork...i LOVE IT
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                  Well, I eat bacon on a nearly daily basis because it kills my appitite. I don't get crazy hungry when I eat it I've noticed. However this thread is making me think about the Omega-6 issue. hmmm, fish oil. One more thing for me to buy.