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herbs, spices, sauces....

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  • herbs, spices, sauces....

    PLEASE give me some good one's. Preferably sauces that I can put on my meat once cooked, but also some really nice herbs/spices that i can add on meats.

    Thanks soooo much

    Edit I'm from the UK.
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    Mmmm I love sauces!

    Sauces I use often:

    Hollandaise (great on seafood, chicken, or even steak)
    Mushroom sauce (saute mushrooms in bacon fat or butter or CO, throw in some minced garlic and onion, a splash of white wine, and some cream or coconut milk, simmer until slightly thickened, salt and pepper to taste. Wonderful on steak, chicken... anything really! lol)
    Roasted garlic sauce (roast 4 or 5 heads of garlic. Once they have cooled, puree them with a couple tbsp of butter. In a pan heat some cream or full fat coconut milk, and once it is simmering, temper 2 egg yolks with a bit of the hot liquid. Then add the mixture into the rest of the simmering cream and whisk until thickened. Add this to the garlic butter. A bit of fresh grated parmesan if you do dairy is nice when simmering the cream. Season to taste.)
    Chimichurri is really lovely on steak or chicken
    spicy marinara or even meat sauce is yummy on chicken.

    For spicing chicken, I usually just go with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika. (If I want it spicy I add cayenne or chipotle)
    For steak I use a bit of smoked sea salt and pepper.
    For pork it depends. If I want an asian flavor, I grab ginger, garlic powder, onion powder and some chinese five spice powder.
    If I want something more subtle I usually go with a grainy mustard rub.

    I usually keep the spicing simple and add flavor with sauces at the end. Or I marinate or brine the meat before cooking.
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      my favorite sauce for fish is some full fat fage yogurt mixed with Vietnamese sambal chili sauce. Fage is a good base for sauces, you could also add a little dijon, salt and pepper, fresh herbs for a good sauce with beef.

      although I think the best sauce is a big fat dollop of Kerrygold butter.


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        I'm a massive hot pepper fan. Personally, I think that anything with meat or eggs needs to have habanero or hotter peppers with it somehow. Also,Mark was recently talking about the health benefits of cinnamon and turmeric (I like it but it turns everything bright yellow when you cook with it).


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          That's great already. Cheers guys!

          lmyers04 - you look like hot sauce.
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            ha! that made my friday.


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              Coconut cream sauce

              Try coconut cream (fresh or canned) mixed with fine cut onions, cucumber and tomatoes.
              Add lemon juice, salt and pepper (chili if you like it hot)