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    I am currently teaching English in Thailand and am trying to maintain or at least try to maintain a paleo/primal diet. Before I left Thailand I was taking 20-25 of fish oil a day ie. 20-25 capsules and was impressed with the results. I looked at some health food stores in Bangkok and fish oil was quite expensive so im wondering if you guys know any brands of fish oil that are fairly inexpensive and would ship to Thailand. Ideally, i'd like to buy in bulk.

    What would you recommend?


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    20-25 capsules a day!!! That's alot! Maybe too much, depending on how many grams of omega-3 are in each one. I just got my shipment of Carlson's liquid fish oil. I'm surprised by how much more pleasant it is than swalloing those big gelcaps. Also, I don't have to worry anymore about the soy and whatever else they put in the gelcaps. I compared prices per gram of omega-3 and the Carlson liquid came out on top. It has no fishy taste whatsoever, just a nice hint of lemon. The only downside is less convenience; must be refrigerated after opening and need a spoon to measure. If that's not an issue, then I highly recommend it. I ordered mine from I just checked and they do ship internationally:


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      20-25 capsules? Holy moly...

      Unfortunately I've got no idea about afforable shipping to Thailand. Although I imagine you could find plenty of fish to eat instead!


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        Great, thanks for the info. Carlson is a good product.


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          Im just curious to find out what fish oil products you guys use. Somebody already mentioned Carlsons. Any other products you guys recommend?


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            I take the Puritan's triple strength so I can avoid taking 20 pills of the costco brand hehe.


            I don't know if they ship to Thailand though.


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              Carlson's also gets the job done for me. Convenient and pleasant going down. I try to buy quality wild caught fish when on sale, but it's hard to beat the cost of Carlson's fish oils in order to get your Omega 3's.


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                I take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. Pills, but they have a liquid option too if you prefer that.