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  • Green Tea?

    Hi all

    My first post, started going primal 3 days ago...

    Question is... is green tea primal? I like coffee (black) but I love green tea, so I want to make sure I can have it.

    On another note, this is going to be quite the challenge for me, as I'm ALLERGIC to raw fruits and veggies. Hard to believe? Absolutely... Confirmed by multiple doctors? You got it!

    I've tried organic, etc... but it is the actual meat of the fruit or veggie before cooked. That mean's lots of steaming and sauteing for me!


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    This is just my personal opinion.... I drink green tea all the time, all day long, hot or cold, it's good and it's healthy for you... For me it's just slightly coloured water I see no problem with it, it hasn't affected my weightloss... Maybe some hard core PBers will say otherwise... I've been PB since April 1st...


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      I think almost anyone would agree that green tea is primal and beneficial to health. I like all kinds of teas, but I try to limit the black tea somewhat just to cut back on caffeine a little. Sorry to hear that you're allergic raw veggies; oh well, I think most veggies taste better cooked and coated in copisous amounts of butter, haha.


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        Its pretty darn primal, just some leaves that are placed in boiling water, and its good for ya ;P I drink green tea daily, and while I don't feel any "tingling sensation while it works its magic" the antioxidants in it just might have an impact in the long run. And with adequate sleep, a bit of caffeine from the tea and a cold shower I'm sharp as a blade every morning!


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          I drink green tea here all day long too. Mark drinks coffee and and I'd say that either can be primal as long as you handle them in a primal way. Having coffee black or with some kind of primal cream type stuff (HWC) is pretty primal. Now, if you want a bunch of sweetener in them, that's not going to be so primal. And I'm thinking that non-dairy creamer (what ever the hell is in that stuff) isn't all that primal either.