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Some food is still bothering me!

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  • Some food is still bothering me!

    I have been trying to figure out which foods bother me. So far I have found gluten to be a trigger and dairy- at least milk and cream. I haven't eaten cheese in a while so not sure there. I do eat goat cheese and it is fine. Tonight I feel so bloated. I don't know what it would be, but wondering if tea would do it.

    Here's my food today if something looks like it could be a trigger please let me know.
    coffee w/ coconut milk, stevia
    duck egg, 1 piece bacon

    asparagus sauteed in coconut oil, chicken and apple sausage, strawberries and blueberries

    Market Spice tea w/ coconut oil

    Dinner: scrambled eggs w/ chicken and apple sausage, mushrooms sauteed in bacon fat, 1/2 avocado

    Market Spice Tea

    and a handful of cashews
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    Betty, have you had a checkup with your doctor regarding any health issues, bloating etc? What advice have you received on this?


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      I went to the doctor last year regarding a lump in my left side just below my ribcage. It becomes swollen at times and at the time with shooting sharp pains. I was told in is heart burn. I don't believe that to be the cause, but recently have determined it is food related. It becomes swollen when I ate something my body doesn't like. I am seeing an acupuncturist, but not a regular doctor. She is the one that recommended stopping gluten for 4 weeks and then re-introducing and also dairy. This was prior to PB as I just recently started and have yet to have a "ON" weekend. I haven't been bloated for some time unless I eat dairy. The gluten is more of a lack of energy and just not feeling well.


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        Well gluten and dairy both pwn my digestive system and so do nuts/seeds so perhaps axe the cashews first and see how that goes.

        Some people also report trouble with meat/eggs and fruit together although I can't say anything for sure.
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          To me it sounds like a second opinion might be called for - I've learned that medical care in the USA is expensive but you don't want to mess with your guts, you know?

          I've discovered that I'm allergic to avocado. Eating a whole avocado and some avocado oil over the course of one afternoon proved this to me... the next day wasn't nice! I'm also a little suspicious of berries.

          If you haven't given your gall bladder a workout in a while, you could be having issues with that, with all the new fats.

          But please consider seeing a different doctor just to be on the safe side.


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            I've been eating cashews all week with no issue so I don't think it is that, but will pay better attention next time I eat them.

            I am guessing maybe the mushrooms or tea. Everything else I have eaten all week and not had any problems. Anyone have bloating from mushrooms?


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              I have discussed it with a naturopath and the acupuncturist and both said the lump was not heartburn. I have insurance for the regular doctor, but I just hate going to them. I sadly have little faith in American medicine. lol

              I am pretty sure avocado isn't it either as I eat 1/2 of one each day.

              What do you mean by "given your gallbladder a workout"? Sorry if that is a stupid question.


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                well I'm not all that up on the biology (yet!) but I think the gallbladder releases bile when you eat fatty food. On the conventional, relatively low fat diet, it doesn't get used much and I think someone mentioned it can even atrophy. And you can also get gallstones because it doesn't fill and empty properly. So now you're eating lots more fats and producing more bile so it's working harder. I hope I've got that right, don't quote me on it

                A naturopath and an acupuncturist are not medical doctors. (unless they also have an MD). And I agree, it's not heartburn. heartburn as I understand it is acid reflux from your stomach.

                I hate doctors too but I don't want to risk ignoring symptoms till it turns into something serious.


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                  I'm grasping at straws but I don't think all mushrooms are equal. I'm sure there are healthier ones than the white button kind I can get cheapest.


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                    Are you sure it's not the eggs? It's always listed as something that many people have sensitivities to.


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                      yeah, be careful of the eggs. I had 2/3 at breakfast everyday for 6 months and then suddenly i'd feel sick soon after breakfast. I stopped eating them for a while and now i've reintroduced them slowly and have been fine.
                      Point is, sometimes you can build up temporary intolerances for things...


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                        If you haven't already you need to do an elimination diet and reintroduce foods one at a time. Going by the one day of meals you posted, there is so much variations that almost every food listed could potentially be causing the bloating.
                        I would suggest go back to the basics of just fatty grass fed beef or lean beef cooked in beef tallow. if there are veggies that you are 100% sure do not cause you bloating than those are fine for the initial phase. Drink only water. Do this for 3-5 days and then reintroduce foods, one per day or less frequently until you find the culprit(s).
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                          A quick google search found that mushrooms can be an allergan if the subject is allergic to molds.

                          "People who are allergic to mold may also be predisposed to react to truffles or mushrooms or other foods containing mold, such as certain blue-veined or aged cheeses like Roquefort or Gorgonzola. "

                          I second the elimination diet idea. It could be something very basic and easily avoided. Though man, it would suck if it was the coconut oil
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                            I buy the baby bella mushrooms. Yummy!!!

                            I eat eggs every single day so I would think I would have had symptoms before. I have my own chickens and have always LOVED my eggs. I am not a cereal eater or oatmeal. I have always eaten eggs.

                            Helen- Thanks for the info. I will definitely see a doctor again if it starts really acting up. I am sure it is food related. The way the acupuncturist explained it was the left side is the hypocondria side is if something is bothering you it can often present itself on the left side. ??? They did run some blood test when I went last time just to make sure my count was normal. I see friends and family that go in to the doctors and all they did is prescribe drugs and they still feel like crap.

                            I am going to have to keep a better journal again. I have slacked the last week and it is hard to remember what I ate and how I felt.


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                              Opps I missed the second page when I posted. I have not done a complete elimination diet. I did eliminate gluten for 3.5 weeks and then reintroduced. Definitely an allergen, which is how I stumbled upon PB. I need to try cheese and see how I react. I can't seem to handle liquid forms of dairy. I am happy with goat cheese most of the time though. The other day I was bloated and actually did have gorgonzola. I had forgotten about that. I ordered a steak and didn't realize it had the cheese on it until it came. I also had a latte that day so can't really pin it on the cheese. I am new to this and haven't had coffee in a while. I completely forgot to other it with soy. I think I will try the mushrooms again today and see what happens because I really think they may be the culprit. I haven't had them in a while. I didn't notice them before probably because the gluten was already causing problems.